Patong is the notorious nightlife heart of Phuket, with Bangla Road at the middle of an ever-growing collection of discos and dance clubs. The range of nightclubs in Patong is, as you will see below, quite impressive. Even in the short length of Bangla Road, you can find new and eclectic concepts.

    Some of the old, well-established names have achieved global acclaim while more modern clubs are always coming up with something different and special to try. You’ll hardly get bored on any night of the week in Patong.

    Illuzion Phuket is one of the most impressive night spots in Phuket's most popular resort town: Patong Beach. Located in the heart of the nightlife entertainment area of Bangla Road, Illuzion is set on the second storey of a large building.

    Equipped with the latest first-rate sound and lighting equipment, Illuzion is a surprising venue able to hold almost any type of event. From standard dance club rocked by house music and special guest DJ live performances to Las Vegas-style shows performed by local and international professional dancers, Illuzion can suit a wide range of partygoers’ tastes.

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    Location: 31 Bangla Road, Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 9 pm to 1 am

    Phone: +66 (0)93 583 4766


    White Room Nightclub is an old and well-known name on Patong Beach’s famous Bangla Road. It once underwent a major reboot, providing a larger, chic and modern party space. The first-class lighting rigs and sound systems here – along with top talents on the decks – make it a fantastic place to party, while the décor and design give it a degree of sophistication.

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    Location: Soi Gonzo, Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

    Open: Monday–Saturday from 10 pm to 3 am, Sundays from 10 am to midnight

    Phone: +66 (0)81 582 1756


    Tiger Nightclub has a large, rather dark room flanked by bars on each side, and dozens of high round tables with bar stools occupying the central part. Big tiger statues make up the décor.

    A live band plays on a stage at the back of the room. Facing the stage, you’ll see a staircase leading up to Tiger's 3rd floor, which has a DJ booth. You can observe the 2nd-floor action from this floor. There are about a dozen pool tables behind the DJ booth.

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    Location: 49 Bangla Road, Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

    Open: Tuesday, Thursday–Friday from 8 pm to 4.30 am, Wednesday, Saturday–Monday from 8 pm to 4 am

    Phone: +66 (0)83 183 7777


    Hollywood Phuket

    Located at the beach end of Bangla Road, Hollywood Phuket is a well-loved nightlife spot for many years. It briefly changed names in the past, but returned to its roots not long after, bringing back the great parties with excellent EDM and house beats it has been known for.

    Location: Soi Hollywood, 7 Bangla Road, Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 9 pm to 6 am

    Phone: +66 (0)93 642 0495


    Sugar Club Phuket

    Sugar Club Phuket is a popular hip-hop club with live DJs on Patong Beach’s Bangla Road. You can find it on the 3rd floor of Seduction, which is also a big name on the Bangla Road nightlife strip. Sugar Club is dedicated to hip-hop, often highlighting big international artists on various gigs that are scheduled throughout the year. Secure a spot around their mezzanines for a view over the action on the central stage, or simply hit the dancefloor and let yourself loose.

    Location: 70/3 Bangla Road, Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

    Open: 24 /7

    Phone: +66 (0)98 889 8590


    Gossip Nightclub Phuket

    Gossip Nightclub Phuket is a hip hop lounge and club that offers a modern clubbing scene on the infamous Bangla Road. The 4 F’s – ‘Fun, Fresh, Funky, and Free (entrance)’ is the motto of this attractive venue which aims to attract people in search of a trendy place in the heart of Patong Beach. There’s certainly a classy touch to Gossip but prices remain affordable and comparable to other venues along the same strip.

    Location: 29 Bangla Road, Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

    Open: Monday from 9 pm to 6 am, Tuesday–Saturday from 9 pm to 5 am, Sunday from 8 pm to 6 am

    Phone: +66 (0)85 885 9616


    On Top Day & Night Beach Club

    On Top Day & Night Beach Club is a funky rooftop, poolside party place on the top of the Hotel Swissotel Resort Phuket Patong Beach on Ruamjai Road. With tasty snacks, an impressive range of ingenious signature cocktails, and even a resident mermaid, what it lacks in actual proximity to the beach, it more than makes up for in other ways.

    Location: 7th Floor, Hotel Swissotel Resort Phuket Patong Beach, 48 Ruamjai Road, Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

    Open: Daily from midday to midnight

    Phone: +66 (0)85 577 9212


    Paradise Beach Club Phuket is a large and well-developed party spot in an isolated bay near Patong. Featuring shops, restaurants, activities and fantastic Koh Phangan-style beach parties, it has an air of exclusivity without being prohibitively expensive.

    Paradise Beach Phuket is practically unique among the beach clubs on the island in the way that it celebrates the phases of the moon – it recreates the famous full-moon parties of Koh Phangan, along with half-moon and black-moon’ parties.

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    Location: 109 Muen-Ngern Road, Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 9 am to 7 pm

    Phone: +66 (0)83 743 9009


    TaiPan Disco is a combination of a pub, bar and a club with live music (usually alternating between pop and rock) from 8.45pm until around midnight, before turning into a disco until closing time. They also have exciting games, prizes, and pole dancing. The crowd is made up equally of expats and tourists. Happy hour is usually from 8.30 to 10pm. After that, drinks can get pretty pricey.

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    Location: 165 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Road, Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 8.30 pm to 2 am

    Phone: +66 (0)83 647 5159

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