China is undoubtedly one of the world’s most diverse countries, where you’ll easily be spoilt for choice, simply due to its vastness. With that immensity comes a host of natural beauty, from bamboo-forested mountains, rivers and plains that have inspired Chinese paintings, to tropical islands and beaches that offer sunkissed escapes.

With a colorful and somewhat tumultuous history that spans centuries and dynasties, China also has a mix of attractions that includes must-see iconic landmarks and architectural wonders, as well as a fascinatingly diverse cuisine. China’s big cities each have their own character. Beijing and Shanghai, for instance, each offer stark contrasts, with pagodas and remnants of millennia past in the shadows of modern skyscrapers.

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  • Hainan

    Hainan, besides being the southernmost part of China, is also the country’s largest island, offering a dreamy tropical getaway akin to popular Southeast Asian island destinations. The island’s own unique appeal lies in its collection of many different islets, picture-postcard bays and beach resorts as well as magnificent cultural attractions dotting its coasts and verdant hills. The city of Sanya, on...

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  • Sanya

    Sanya is China’s southernmost city and is well geared toward leisure. The tropical beach resort offers more than just a few scenic crescent bays, like Dadonghai, Yalong and namesake Sanya, with its lush palm groves, 5-star hotels and luxury golf resorts. The city itself has no shortage of attractions with the expansive Nanshan Temple complex where the 100-metre-tall Guan Yin...

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  • 10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Shanghai

    Learn about the best places to go shopping in Shanghai and find the best bargains, the most luxurious boutiques and the most opulent shopping malls in this megacity. In the recent years, Shanghai has developed into a major shopping destination. Much of the city’s retail is clustered in long pedestrian shopping streets and multi-storey malls, but there are spots further...

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Where to go & what to do at night in China

  • 10 Best Shanghai Nightlife

    The best Shanghai nightlife oozes with atmospheric charm, from the city’s many rooftop bars to the lamplit streets of Tianzifang. Spend a night singing at a karaoke bar like the locals or join tourists on a river cruise to admire the neon hues of the city’s futuristic skyline. If you’re looking for a spot to dance, drink or even roller disco...

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