Bophut beach is a popular beach town on Samui's north coast. It sweeps down several kilometers between Big Buddha and Maenam beaches. The town built along the coast is perhaps one of the oldest places on the island, known casually as the Fisherman's Village. It runs along the middle section of the beach.

Fisherman's Village is fast gaining a reputation that stretches way beyond Samui for being the most elegant and well-preserved place on the island. Lined by old wooden Chinese shop-houses, interspaced with a few modern buildings that match the tone, it retains a distinctly Mediterranean feel. This has probably gotten a lot to do with the fact that it was the main French outpost on the island for many years. Mixed in among the shops are several boutiques, selling high-quality clothing and jewelry. There are also some dive shops in the area, offering scuba lessons or day dives.

neighborhoods in Koh Samui

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