Getting around Malacca includes the usual options, such as taxi cabs and buses. This rather small city is great for exploring on foot, especially if you're based near the historic Jonker Street. 

    A nice alternate is a trishaw – this 3-wheeled cart is a prominent feature of Malacca, thanks to its bright colors and loud music. Check out our Malacca transportation guide for ways of getting around the city. 



    A trishaw ride is reminiscent of the days gone by in  Malacca. It's a slow yet enjoyable way to get around the city. The trishaw pullers can take you to all the major tourist sites, especially along the historic Jonker Street. 

    If you want to get around Malacca by trishaw, head over to the Dutch Square and Mahkota Parade Shopping Center. You'll find plenty of these colorful, 3-wheeled carts parked outside. 


    Taking a taxi cab in Malacca

    A taxi cab can take you just about everywhere in Malacca, making it one of the most convenient transportation options for non-drivers. These vehicles pass by many routes, so you can hail one from the road. All taxi cabs are required by law to use meters. If you find one that doesn't, it's a good idea to wait for the next one.


    Taking a bus in Malacca

    Malacca is a rather small city, so taking the bus is an easy way of getting around. Stations are available at designated spots around town, but keep coins for the ticket machines as most don't return change.

    photo by Kuruman (CC BY 2.0) modified

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