The Traditional Arts & Ethnology Center of Luang Prabang is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the many ethnic groups existing in Laos. Located in a restored heritage building along Kingkitsarath Road, it is the only non-profit museum in Laos.

This cultural display of arts and lifestyles reflect a very diverse ethnic population. Permanent exhibitions feature traditional textiles and clothing, jewelry, religious artifacts, handicraft tools, and household objects. The museum offers visitors a rare glimpse into the life of Laotian people, giving a greater understanding to their richly diverse cultures with quotes, photos and videos bringing the exhibits to life.

Traditional Arts & Ethnology Center in Luang Prabang - one of the highlights of 18 Best Things to Do in Luang Prabang and 12 Best Places to Go Shopping in Luang Prabang (Read all about Luang Prabang here)

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The small center has over 400 exhibits documenting the life and times of 30 ethnic groups in Laos. Permanent exhibitions include the subgroups of the Akha people, with a headdress made with 300 pieces of antique Indochinese silver on display. The Kmhmu gallery has a model of a Kmhmu home with baskets and backstrap looms.

The museum shop operates on a fair-trade basis by providing local craftsmen and women with an opportunity to sell their handmade goods. You can find about 500 products for sale, and buying them here helps to support ethnic families across Laos.

Traditional Arts & Ethnology Center in Luang Prabang

Location: Kingkitsarath Road, Ban Khamyong Luang Prabang, 06000, Laos

Open: Tuesday–Sunday from 9am to 6pm (closed on Mondays)

Phone: +856 71 253 364

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