Beach Towns near Rome: Sperlonga

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The sun can be relentless in the summer months here in Rome. With everyone looking for a place to lay their beach towel it can become quite difficult to find the perfect spot. In my search for a strip of sand I wandered into the town of Sperlonga.
Sperlonga is just one hour south of Rome by trail and is very easily accessible. After a short bus ride from Sperlonga’s train station (Fondi-Sperlonga) I was dropped into the middle of this charming little town. The first thing that I noticed was that Sperlonga resembled Greece more than Italy; with it’s small alleys and stacked sun bleached buildings layered with balconies overlooking stretches of sea.


After a short walk through town I heard the shore calling me. I swiftly strolled down the zigzagging stairways past the sun bathing cats and made my way to the beach. Once I reached the sand I started scanning the prices for umbrella and beach chair rentals. Sperlonga does have public sections of beach but I would really recommend renting an umbrella; the sun can be very cruel and during midday it can be dangerous staying in direct sun. Sperlonga has an amazing beach; and they know it, you will be paying an average of sixteen euro for two lounge chairs and an umbrella (depending on how near to the water you want to be positioned). I paid twelve euro for two chairs with an umbrella in the back row; it was a mad dash on burning hot sand to get into the water but definitely worth saving five euro.


The sea was perfect, the water was clean and as clear as glass. From the coast you have a great view no matter where you look; whether up at the white hilltop town or out at the waves lapping in from the sparkling sea. I do have a few warnings though, mainly for your wallet. This town is beautiful but small, that means a bit on the expensive side. I would suggest buying all of your supplies before leaving Rome, packing a lunch and using the spare cash on something cold to drink on the beach.


A train for Sperlonga leaves every hour from Termini station (Rome) and costs €6,50 for a one-way ticket; when you arrive at the Fondi-Sperlonga station their will be a shuttle bus waiting to take you into town (€1 per one-way trip). That shuttle runs between the town and train station every hour all day; making it easy to get into and out of town. You really can’t beat this town; with it’s clean stretch of sand and sea and beautiful hilltop views. If you need a place to get away and cool off make your way towards Speronga.