Getting around Sihanoukville generally means finding some kind of vehicle because the distances are often just on the borderline between being comfortably walkable and being an endurance test. Fortunately, while the choices of public transportation are fairly limited, they're widely available and affordable, so getting between beaches and major attractions is quite easy.

It is important to note that no public transportation in Sihanoukville has meters, so you need to agree on a fee. Be sure to do this before you set off, and feel free to haggle a little. While prices may be a little higher than the average for long distances or getting around at night, they're generally very low and drivers usually don’t try to cheat tourists.

  • Motorbike Taxis in Sihanoukville

    Motorbike Taxis in Sihanoukville

    Motorbike taxis are the mainstay of getting around Sihanoukville – they’re everywhere! The drivers are quite ambitious about the fares they take and will quite happily get 2 people and all of their luggage on a small scooter.

    For most journeys around the city, the standard price is between US$2 to US$15. A ride from the new out-of-town bus terminal to Serendipity Beach should cost about US$4 (during the day). Alternately, you can rental a motorbike taxi (and the driver, obviously) for the day for about US$15 plus the cost of petrol, which is good if you’re planning to do a lot of looking around.

    photo by Albeiror24 (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified

  • Tuk Tuks in Sihanoukville

    Tuk Tuks in Sihanoukville

    Cambodian tuk-tuks (also known as remorks) are very common in Sihanoukville. Unlike the Thai version, these are basically a glorified trailer bolted to a motorbike, but they are comfortable and probably a bit safer than the famous three-wheeled buggies of Bangkok.

    While they're good for getting to Sihanoukville’s more remote destinations, the drivers operate in a close association to fix their prices, so they are much more expensive than motorbike taxis, and haggling is virtually impossible. The standard price for a trip from Serendipity Beach into the city center should be around US$4-6, to Victory Hill will be around US$6-7 and to Otres should be about US$7. Hiring a remork for the day should cost you around US$20.

    photo by Knopik-som (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified

  • Taxis in Sihanoukville

    Taxis in Sihanoukville

    Car taxis are available to help families and large groups in getting around Sihanoukville, as well as taking you to more remote destinations like Kampot, Kep and Koh Kong. They’re not usually found on the street, are not clearly marked and can’t be flagged down but, if you talk to the concierge at your hotel, they should be able to contact a local driver to take you wherever you need to go.

    Prices are naturally much higher than they would be for the same journey on a motorbike taxi, with a trip from the city to Sihanoukville Airport costing about US$20-25.

Ben Reeves | Compulsive Traveler