The heart of New Orleans is in the French Quarter, where brightly-painted colonial architecture is brought to life with smokin’ jazz bars and restaurants serving up Cajun classics. You can’t leave without tasting some authentic creole Jambalaya washed down with bourbon cocktails at a tucked-away speakeasy.

New Orleans bursts with culture, and you might find yourself swept up in the flamboyant carnival that is Mardi Gras, or sashaying to saxophone solos at the Jazz Festival. At any time of year, you can check out dazzling costumes and Southern heritage at the city’s intriguing museums.

What to see & do in New Orleans

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Things to do in New Orleans open up centuries of melting-pot culture encompassing French, Spanish, Haitian, Italian and many others, forming one of the most unique cities in the U.S. From ghost, vampire, and witch tours to outstanding creole and cajun cuisine, from massive aquariums to vibrant live music on every street corner, you'll never run out of exciting activities here.You can visit the French Market to explore hundreds of...

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Where & what to eat in New Orleans

Food and dining in New Orleans is unique and varied, with a vibrant culinary tradition that covers everything from fried alligator to creole diners, turtle soup to burgers and fries. Check out Coterie for the alligator sausage or visit the Court of the Two Sisters for upscale dining. Get the Ferdi Original with Debris (pronounced "DAY-bree") at Mother's, where it all started for a classic Po'boy.To find some of the...

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Where to shop & what to buy in New Orleans

  • 10 Best Places to Go Shopping in New Orleans

    The best places to go shopping in New Orleans range from fancy malls to fantastic markets. The city has such a distinctive character, from The French Quarter to Bourbon Street, during Mardi Gras or any time of the year. The best way to take a little of it home with you is with a shopping trip. When it comes to looking...

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Where to go & what to do at night in New Orleans

Nightlife in New Orleans is without a doubt centered around Bourbon Street, where you'll find bars and clubs packed one after the next, each playing outstanding live music. From rhythm and blues to jazz, zydeco, and rock and roll, you'll find live music all night long. After dark, the street becomes a pedestrian-only thoroughfare. Grab a frozen hurricane and hit the street to see street musicians and performance artists entertain...

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Information about New Orleans opens the entire city to you, where you'll experience a whole world of Cajun, Creole, Spanish, French, and Haitian adventure. New Orleans is a safe city but keep with your group and stick to the populated areas. If you engage with street performers, musicians, costumed entertainers, or artists, be sure to tip generously. It's part of the culture, and that's how folks make their living.New Orleans...

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