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Top 5 Attractions in Hannover

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If you are considering a vacation to Germany, we have selected the top 5 attractions in Hannover that should be must-see attractions on your vacation agenda when you visit this historical German city
The city of Hannover is located in northern Germany and is the capital city of the region known as Lower Saxony. For the first-time visitor you should be aware that Hannover is no longer one of Europe’s typical cities. Destroyed in large part by the ravages of World War II, there are only a few of the more significant historical landmarks left. For all practical purposes, it is still a desirable destination for international travelers.


Despite this tragic fact, Hannover is still a colorful city with its large forests, lush green areas, and big city parks. The Leine River gently meanders through the city which contains mostly flat areas with very few hills.


Herrenhausen Gardens – these magnificently verdant gardens are located on both sides of Hannover’s Herrenhäuser Allee. On the left side you will find the beautiful English-style park in the Georgengarten known as the Wallmodenschlösschen containing the Wilhelm Busch Museum. The structure features drawings, letters, manuscripts, and paintings. The Berggarten is located on the right hand side and is a lush botanical garden and features cactus and orchid houses.


Opernhaus (Opera House) – a favorite spot for opera aficionados, the structure is a magnificent example of neo-classical architecture constructed between 1845 and 1852. It is located in the very dignified area known as Georgstrasse to the Southeast of the Kröpcke in Hannover.


Kestner Museum – situated in Hannover’s north end in the Maschpark, the museum is renowned for its Egyptian collection of various antiquities, as well as applied and decorative art. Additionally, there are numerous other artifacts including several art and painting collections of the Hannover’s past history.


Marktplatz (The Marketplace) – located in the center of the Old Town District to the south and west of the Kröpcke is the Marketplace or Marktplatz as it is referred to by the Hannover locals. The late gothic Old Town architecture combined with the spectacular sight of the neo-Gothic Market Fountain make this a definite stop on your vacation agenda. You will find the Market Church (Marktkirche) in the town square center which was constructed in 1881. Additionally, there is the 318 foot tall tower that features its bronze font and carved altar.


Landesmuseum (Provincial Museum) – east of Hannover’s Maschpark you will find Lower Saxony’s Provincial Museum along with the Provincial Art Gallery. The museum is known for its collections of Romantic Period to modern day European art. However, there are some spectacular displays of natural and prehistoric artifacts and other ethnographic collections of art as well.

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