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5 Things You Might Not Know About Budapest

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Composer Johann Strauss saw it fit to make a masterpiece which expresses the beauty of the Danube River. I wouldn’t be wondering why.


The City of Budapest which is divided by the Danube River is one of the most scenic places in the world. Let me tell you right away that it is quite difficult to get bored in Budapest. Aside from the usual tourist destinations such as the different cultural events and several significant world heritage sites, Budapest has got more interesting and fascinating things to offer!

Trams Everywhere!


Apart from Taxis, Buses and the underground Metro (which is the oldest in Europe); Trams are one of the oldest forms of transport in Budapest. Yes, they are slow and some of them squeak and make a lot of rickety sounds while slowly running all over the city. But these yellow-colored gentle machines are nonetheless a great means to travel while slowly enjoying the city’s view of old historic buildings and people-filled streets. Tip: Be careful of pick-pockets and keep your belongings close when using the public transport.

Save Water, Have a Bath with a Friend


Turkish baths are fairly popular in Budapest, especially among locals which serve as some sort of a social activity. Tip: It is best to be accompanied by a resident if it’s your first time experiencing a Turkish bath in Budapest. Architectural evidences suggest that the tradition of public baths started way back to Roman times and it is believed that the mineral-rich waters of the natural hot springs are said to cure bone, skin and muscular ailments in the body.


Fun Fact: The Széchenyi Medicinal Bath, the largest medicinal public bath in Europe can be found in Budapest!

Party at Sziget Festival


The well-known “Woodstock” counterpart of Europe, the Sziget Festival is held every August in the island of Óbuda, one of the three ancient towns which form Budapest. All sorts of people from all over Europe (and some parts of the world) unite on this one week celebration of music and pure noise. The performers in this international festival are some of the most well-known artists in the music field.


Tip: The festival also offer a wide array of other activities including sports, movies and theater.

Vampires in Budapest


Even though the neighboring region of Transylvania is a few hundred miles away, the legacy of vampires lives on in the City of Budapest at the prestigious Magyar Színház Theater. Roman Polanski’s highly-successful movie screenplay “ The Fearless Vampire Killers” (1967) was adapted into theater entitled “ Vampire’s Ball Musical.” Set in gloomy Transylvania; follow the fearless vampire hunter, Professor Abronsius and his young assistant, Alfred in their exciting and humorous adventure as they battle Count von Krolock to save Sarah, Alfred’s one true love.


Fun Fact: At least five million people from all over the globe have seen Vampire’s Ball Musical.

Budapest’s Underground Museum


Beneath the fairy-tale like exterior of the Buda Castle is a labyrinth cave complex. Naturally formed since time began, the underground wonder has seen most of man’s accomplishments since it was used as refuge by prehistoric man, used as a cellar in the medieval times, became a bomb shelter for thousands of people in World War 2, and a secret military installation during the Cold War. At present, tourists can freely visit the caves as an enchanting museum which displays Budapest’s rich history.


Tip: Tourists and visitors of the cave complex can either choose between a fully-lit tour and a flashlight tour.