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Family Friendly Attractions in the Grand Canyon

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The Grand Canyon is a perfect family holiday destination. Whether you want to introduce very young kids to this eons-old natural wonder, or are traveling with older kids who love hiking and camping, the Grand Canyon region - particularly the South Rim – provides an other-worldly escape from the usual.


Exploring the canyon


The Grand Canyon doesn’t just look pretty from a distance - the many paths and trails which twist and turn down its mile-deep rock walls offer a picture of Earth’s incredible geology, and glimpses of rare wildlife - all bound to excite kids with an interest in the outdoors.


Grand Canyon Skywalk


Step outside of the South Rim for a day and drive over to Grand Canyon West, where you’ll discover the Skywalk - a horseshoe-shaped glass-bottomed bridge that arches out 70 feet from the canyon rim, providing a unique viewpoint and unforgettable experience. The Skywalk isn’t only thrilling for all ages of children, but it’s a great way for parents to view this natural spectacle if they have babies in-tow and can’t explore into the canyon itself.


Peach Springs, AZ 86434 . Tel: +1 888 868 9378


Grand Canyon Skywalk website


Mule rides


There are easy-going hikes and paths designed for kids - including an educational guided hike around the South Rim - but most fun of all is a mule ride into the canyon. For little ones aged 7 and up, the North Rim offers gentle hour-long journeys. However, older kids can embark on half-day mule rides deep into the canyon and back.


Highway 67, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ. Tel: +1 435 679 8665


Mule rides website


Education and adventure


The great thing about the Grand Canyon is that it's mind-expanding as well as mind-blowing. And there's a special program in place to get young visitors learning as they explore.
Grand Canyon National Park Junior Ranger


Do your kids have a love of nature, history, and science? When visiting the Grand Canyon there’s no better way to encourage their interests than by introducing them to the Junior Ranger program. Grab a Junior Ranger pack - available for free throughout the park - and your kids will follow the activities inside, which include drawing pictures and writing mini descriptive essays. Successful Rangers can then hand in their completed pack, and pick up their beautifully designed sew-on Ranger badge.


Visitor’s Center, Grand Canyon Village, Grand Canyon National Park AZ 86023. Tel: +1 928 638 7888


Grand Canyon National Park Junior Ranger website


Indoor entertainment


While there’s no end of adventure on offer in the Grand Canyon, after a hard day of hiking and exploring, your kids might fancy something a little lazier…




Near the South Rim you’ll find the National Geographic Visitors Center, which - as well as containing a natural history exhibit - has an astoundingly large IMAX theatre onsite. Year-round, it screens a fascinating documentary about the Grand Canyon’s history, with sweeping, adrenaline-jolting shots through the rocky landscape.


450 Arizona 64, Grand Canyon AZ 86023. Tel: +1 928 638 2203


IMAX website


Family dining


Clambering around within an epic valley carved through the Earth's crust can be hungry work. Good thing there are places for the whole family to relax and refuel, then.


Maswik Food Court


This casual canteen-style eatery will satisfy any appetite, and the sheer generosity will be very welcome after a day of exploring. The food counters showcase a spread of classic American fare, from deli sandwiches to sizzling burgers. There’s also a grab-and-go option for families on the move.


202 Village Loop Drive, Grand Canyon Village, Grand Canyon National Park AZ 86023. Tel: +1 928 638 2631


Maswik Food Court website


Bright Angel Restaurant


Head to the Bright Angel for a restaurant with a welcoming, family-friendly vibe. Suited to parents with kids - whether they’re tots or teens - looking for good grub any time of day, this stress-free sit-down eatery serves up hot plates of Mexican-inspired food and hearty meals of biscuits and gravy, all in a rustic setting.


9 N Village Loop Drive, Grand Canyon Village, Grand Canyon National Park AZ 86023. Tel: +1 928 638 2631


Bright Angel Restaurant website