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Where to Eat in the Grand Canyon – a food and dining guide

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During your stay at the Grand Canyon, you’re likely to exert yourself somewhat – what with all those mesmerizing walks and climbs up to the best vantage points. What more excuse do you need to feast on local food? The national park and surrounding areas are well stocked with an eclectic range of replenishing destinations where you can chill out and stuff your face, and perhaps take in a view at the same time.
Typical dish



A heavy slab of steak or a slow roasted rib might be the more common options on the menu, but local people have long used saguaro and prickly pear cactus to make syrup, sweets, and even BBQ sauce.

South Rim


The most popular access point to the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim is a bustling community crammed with diverse and delicious places to eat. If you’re visiting on a budget, then the Arizona Room should do nicely: a busy and unpretentious diner, there’s a heck of a lot to choose from and you certainly won’t go hungry. For something more refined and upscale, the El Tovar Dining Room located on the rim is a solid choice. Warmly furnished to bring out its historic elegance, the restaurant offers hearty fair like prime rib hash and fish tostadas.


• The Arizona Room, 9 Village Loop Dr, Grand Canyon Village, Grand Canyon National Park; Tel: +1 928 638 2631

El Tovar, 1 El Tovar Road, Grand Canyon Village, Grand Canyon National Park; Tel: +1 928 638 2631




Tusayan is a vibrant tourist hotspot just 6.5 miles from the Grand Canyon Village and comes complete with plenty of great places to recharge your batteries after a day in the wild. The Coronado Room cooks up some of the most polished cuisine in the area, with a sophisticated but relaxed ambience to match. You can try out some elk, venison, or buffalo. For straight up quality pizza and pasta on the way to the Grand Canyon – no frills, just a delicious doughy treat and traditional recipes – We Cook Pizza and Pasta should do the trick.


• Coronado Room, 100 Highway 64, Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn, Tusayan; Tel: +1 928 638 2681

We Cook Pizza and Pasta, 605 Highway 64, Tusayan; Tel: +1 928 638 2278


North Rim


Known for being the quieter, less-crowded section of the park, the North Rim is home to a small choice of dining options that promise to meet the needs of travelers enjoying the sweet seclusion. The Grand Canyon North Rim Dining Room can be found at the historic Grand Canyon Lodge and serves up simple, 1930s-themed dishes crafted from only the healthiest ingredients. For a novel and entertaining evening, the Grand Canyon Cookout offers a traditional wagon-style feast under the stars, with the waft of smoked beef brisket enough to send your taste buds into a frenzy.


• Grand Canyon Dining Room, Grand Canyon Lodge, Grand Canyon National Park, Highway 67, North Rim; Tel: +1 928 638 2611 (summer), +1 928 645 6865 (winter)

Grand Canyon Cookout, Grand Canyon Lodge, Grand Canyon National Park, Highway 67, North Rim; Tel: +1 928 638 2611




Williams is south of Grand Canyon Village and is a popular destination with tourists wanting a good gateway to the park. Perched in the historic downtown district, the Red Raven is a swish bistro boasting some the finest flavors anywhere around. Fusing American and Italian styles, it presents a casual but classy dining experience. If you happen to have a taste for fine wine and punchy craft beer, then South Rims Wine and Beer Garage is the place for you. You can tuck into a sumptuous plate of crab cakes or chicken wings before washing it all down with a cold, rich beverage.


• Red Raven Restaurant, 135 Historic Route 66, Williams; Tel: +1 928 635 4980

South Rims Wine and Beer Garage, 514 E Route 66, Williams; Tel: +1 928 635 5902