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A Bodrum city guide – historical wonders, peaceful coves and Turkish delights

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The stunning Bodrum Peninsula caters for all manner of travelers which is why millions flood to the region each year. For those holidaymakers looking for a subdued and relaxing atmosphere amongst enchanting villages and quiet bays, to those looking for a vibrant nightlife, Bodrum is sure to impress. The area is built on ancient relics meaning it’s steeped in deep history. Its international marinas, famous sites and delicious dining make it the tourist hub of the Aegean Coast.

Mehmet Gozen

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Bodrum (Aegean Coast)

Ancient sites


Bodrum’s history goes back to the 13th century BC. The Mausoleum is Bodrum’s oldest relic and was built in honour of King Mausolus. It soon became one of the wonders of the ancient world, and to this day Mausoleum is still the general term for a large tomb. Undoubtedly one of Bodrum’s most prominent features is the Castle of Saint Peter (Bodrum Castle), which dates back to the knights of St. John. Under Turkish care, the castle has undergone much restoration and is now the site of one of the finest museums in the region and is worth a visit for anyone interested in ancient history.


Sun, sea and sand


The beauty of Bodrum lies in its versatility. The beaches in and around the region are so different that most sun worshippers can find something to suit them. Those looking for serenity and peace should make their way to Turgutreis or Torba. For families, the beach at Bitez is perfect as parents can relax on a sun lounger whilst children play in the soft sand. Keen sports enthusiasts should make their way to Gumbet, where the shore is rife with watersports and activity guaranteeing a day of fun.


Turkish treats


The Bodrum peninsula is the perfect place to try a wide variety of different foods. Traditional Turkish mezze and delicious fresh seafood are in abundance and something not to be missed. Head over to Meyhane Sokak to pick out your own fish for dinner, fresh from the fisherman’s crate, and take it into a nearby restaurant to have it cooked. For those less keen on the Turkish cuisine you will find international options in bucket loads. From Chinese and Indian to McDonalds, there is plenty to choose from.




Bodrum offers a great choice of nightlife activities with its numerous bars, clubs and shows. There is a huge range of evening bars and cafes which sell every type of cocktail and beer you could imagine. Most of the nightlife can be found on Cumhuriyet Street which is swamped with the most extravagant nightclubs. The Fora bar offers great views of the sea and Bodrum Castle and the open-air Halikarnas nightclub is unmissable. A night out is also a great opportunity to sample some of the local culture and try a Turkish Raki drink, although be warned this is 45% alcohol so should be drunk steadily!