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Where to stay in Mallorca – a neighborhood guide

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Whether it’s idyllic hilltop retreats, bustling beachside resorts or cosy boutique hotels, Mallorca has enough choice to suit every taste and budget. The beauty of this small island is that it lends itself perfectly for visitors to see its varied range of landscapes all in one day. From morning dips in the crystal waters of Alcúdia Bay, to hiking in the breathtaking Tramuntana Mountains, finding somewhere to stay isn’t difficult, but choosing one might be!

Mike Goggin

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Palma de Mallorca


Perhaps offering the best of both worlds, those choosing to stay in capital are fortunate in having golden sandy beaches as well as fabulous architecture within close proximity. If that’s not enough, Palma has a healthy dose of galleries, museums, restaurants and bars to keep you entertained during your stay.


Hotels in Palma de Mallorca


As can be expected, the capital is home to many quirky boutique hotels that can be found predominantly in the city’s historic centre. Venturing further afield are the larger luxury resorts that, typically, are accompanied by stunning sea views.


Cala Millor


Located north-east of the capital, Cala Millor is a popular destination for those looking for ‘fun in the sun’. Purpose-built resorts sprawl proudly along the eastern coastline offering uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean. The stunning beaches further north are difficult to beat, whilst the south is laden with glistening coves.


Hotels in Cala Millor


Resorts, ranging from 2 to 4-star along this coastline, are priced to suit all range of budgets. Families are especially well-catered for, with a wide range of adrenaline-fuelled watersports to keep children occupied. A word of warning: things tend to get pretty lively after sundown!




For those wishing for an altogether more tranquil experience, heading inland to this small village provides the perfect escape from the hustle of the resorts. Internationally-renowned, Binissalem is home to one of the finest red wine vintages to come out of Mallorca.


Hotels in Binissalem


Although the quantity is smaller, hotels in Binissalem more than make up for this in quality and character. Dotted throughout the vineyards are charming retreats, ideal for those looking to kick back with a glass of the local vintage.




Proudly perched in the Tramuntana Mountains, Valldemossa is the island’s highest town, and sits neatly among forests and terrace terrain. With its stunning natural backdrop, it’s a popular base for many to explore the surrounding beauty. Rich in heritage and modern amenities, Vallemossa is a perfect alternative to the coastal scene.


Hotels in Valldemossa


Such is the nature of the surroundings; you’d be hard-pressed to find a hotel without a stunning view. Boutique style hotels nestled among the hilltops offer charming and personal service with a homely feel. Remaining largely unchanged, the labyrinth of narrow lanes and streets provide endless opportunity for intrigue and discovery.