The Ulsan Metropolitan City is among the largest metropolitan neighborhoods in South Korea and offers vibrant culture with many opportunities for education and adventure, from parks to museums and beyond. At Taehwang National Garden, you can walk through striking woodlands filled with bamboo groves. At Daewangam Park, you will experience fantastic natural rock formations. To take a proper walk back in history, check out the collection of 200 ancient rock carvings at the Petroglyphs of Bangudae Terrace. Spectacular silvergrass scenery awaits as you ascend the mountain peak at Sinbulsan. The Taehwa River is lined with scenic waterfront parks for a serene stroll in the city.

The Jangsaengpo Whale Museum is a child-friendly museum with artifacts and exhibits involving the history of the whaling industry. Ulsan Museum has local and natural history exhibits to learn about the regional culture. For a day of fun and adventure, Tongdo Fantasia amusement park provides a roller coaster, thrilling rides, games, food and even a water park for a whole day of excitement.

What to see & do in Ulsan

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Things to do in Ulsan are plentiful, and you'll discover a vibrant city teeming with museums, art galleries, shopping, dining, history and adventures for families, couples and individual travelers alike. This city is among the largest in the nation, so entertainment options abound. At the Ganjeolgot Cape, visitors capture photographs of iconic sunrises. The Taehwagang National Garden offers the opportunity to walk through bamboo groves and lush, verdant woodlands. The...

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Where & what to eat in Ulsan

Ulsan’s food and dining scene showcases a world of culinary delights that makes it a foodie’s dream, with local delicacies, elegant sit-down eateries and takeout street food. Some delicious and popular local delicacies include sliced raw fish, snow crab, whale meat, bonggeye bulgogi made with native beef and raw flounder served in a cold sweet and sour broth. These delicacies can be had at many eateries across the city, as can...

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Where to shop & what to buy in Ulsan

  • 10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Ulsan

    The city centre and marketplaces in Ulsan, a city that has grown together with the history of industrialization, is filled with things to see, eat and shop for. Streets that continue to maintain their status as the center of the city even after many years are widely loved by both youngsters and those in their 30s and 40s to serve...

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Where to go & what to do at night in Ulsan

  • 10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Ulsan

    The best things to do after dinner in Ulsan range from taking in dusk views from lighthouses to strolling vibrant walking streets. You can also browse night markets and hit some of the cosiest cafés in the South Korean industrial district. It’s a vibrant nightlife scene that will keep you and even your family entertained. Ulsan is known for having the...

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  • Ulsan Travel Essentials

    Our Ulsan Travel Essentials guide offers valuable information about all the essentials you need for a successful vacation to South Korea's industrial powerhouse. In this guide, you'll find information about the local climate, emergency phone numbers, electricity and outlet style, currency and more. We even give details on how to get to your hotel and travel around Ulsan after you...

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