South Gyeongsang is a province extending along the Korea Strait that's famed for its provincial capital and national parks as well as natural views, hot springs and spa resorts. The capital of Changwon is famous for Yongji Lake with its brilliant nightly light shows and its brightly colored cherry blossoms in the spring. To the northeast, Junam Wetlands Park is a haven for birdwatchers with thousands of migratory birds passing through. The Upo Wetland is famed for its thousands of fireflies in the summer. The hills around Bugok host lots of hot springs and spa resorts.

The island of Oedo offers a vast botanical garden with brilliantly cocoloredloured flowers, hedgerows and tended green spaces. For public art, Dongpirang Mural Village offers stunning wall art displays. To cool off and play, Gimhae Lotte Water Park offers waterslides, pools and play areas for the entire family. The Historic Park of Geoje POW Camp looks at war history with displays and artifacts.

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  • Tongyeong

    Tongyeong is a port city along South Korea’s southern coast, famed for its historic role in the city’s maritime past, as well as for its landmark sites, museums, public art and thrill rides. At Tongyeong Sebyeonggwan Hall, you will have the opportunity to explore a former naval command mail from the 17th century marked by grand red pillars. A visit...

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  • 8 Best Places to Shop in Tongyeong

    Spend your time shopping in Tongyeong. As a portside city, Tongyeong moves abundant seafood through its markets that bustle with energy from early morning. This means that it is easy to find fresh seafood in Tongyeong. Tongyeong is also famous for its unique crafts, such as traditional lacquerware. From Jungang Market, which offers abundant fresh and dried seafood, to Tongyeong Traditional...

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  • 10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Tongyeong

    After enjoying the cool sea breeze of Tongyeong, check out the best things to enjoy in the evening. Tongyeong is a beloved tourist destination, and is full of things to see and do that tourists can enjoy both during the day and at night. After dinner, spend a little more time in the city to make your day a bit...

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  • Tongyeong Travel Essentials

    Our Tongyeong Travel Essentials guide offers all the basic and essential information necessary to enjoy your vacation in this Korean coastal city. You'll learn about the local climate, currency, emergency phone numbers, electrical info, plug styles and more. We even give valuable insight into the best way to get to your hotel and get around the city. A memorable vacation to...

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