Playa Tortugas is a well-trafficked public beach in Cancun. Located close to downtown Cancun, this beach is located in the coastal Hotel Zone. On the beach, you’ll find long stretches of soft white sand, accented with rock formations and capped with vivid blue waters. A picturesque pier juts out into the water from the shore, where you’ll see passing boats coming and going. Ferry services depart from this pier, transporting visitors to the nearby Isla Mujeres, a tropical island just off the coast of Cancun.

    Cancun’s Playa Tortugas maintains a festive atmosphere, often popular with partygoers, couples, and friend groups. Visitors to this beach typically spend one to four hours here enjoying the sun, sand, and water, and often dine and shop in the area. Playa Tortugas is readily accessible via Cancun’s bus service, as well as by taxi and car. A small parking lot is available, as well as family-friendly facilities.

    What Are the highlights of Playa Tortugas in Cancun?

    Playa Tortugas maintains Cancun’s classic party atmosphere. Beachgoers are often lively, enjoying drinks in the shallow water and snacks on the shore. If you’re up for a game, the beach volleyball courts are extremely popular here. You can jump off the pier into the warm blue water, or enjoy snorkeling and swimming. There’s even a bungee jumping facility over the water, perfect for thrill-seekers at Playa Tortugas Beach.

    Families are equally drawn to Playa Tortugas in Cancun. During daytime hours, a lifeguard typically patrols the shore, great for families with children. The shallow, calm waters are also perfectly suited to families with kids. There are also plenty of open-air restaurants, bars, and cafes off the beach, many of which provide beachside service.

    Nightlife near Playa Tortugas

    Cancun is known for its lively nightlife scene, and you’ll find a lot of evening activities around Playa Tortugas. There are tons of open-air bars and restaurants on the beach that shift into lively evening hot spots, with music and lights spilling onto the sand. If you aren’t sure which spots to visit, take a leisurely stroll down the beach until you find a restaurant or bar that appeals to you.

    Additional nightlife around Playa Tortugas ranges from nightclubs and dance clubs to salsa bars and men’s clubs. For a more relaxing evening, you can take a walk along the shore under the stars, or grab an ice cream and sit in one of the nearby parks and greenspaces.

    Good to know when visiting Cancun’s Playa Tortugas

    To save money during a visit to Playa Tortugas, drop by one of the nearby convenience or grocery stores to purchase snacks and skip paying the higher restaurant prices. To avoid the crowds, you can check out this beach in the early morning or later evening when it is less trafficked.

    Playa Tortugas can be reached by Cancun’s bus service and by taxi. If you’re driving, a small free parking lot is available at the beach, though parking may be limited during peak times. When swimming on Tortugas Beach, be aware that there are some rocks under the water, so watch your step and don’t dive into the water headfirst. Remember to bring cash to tip any service workers that assist you at Playa Tortugas.

    Playa Tortugas in Cancun

    Location: Quintana Roo, México

    Open: 24/7

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