Hong Kong International Airport is the main entry point to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), as well as a gateway to China and the rest of Asia. Located in Chek Lap Kok on Lantau Island, it has comprehensive facilities and services in both of its terminals, with restaurants, shops, lounges, and 24-hour internet access.

    Within the airport, there are over 10 airline lounges offering food, beverages, shower facilities, and space for rest or work, along with hotels for travelers on long layovers. Hong Kong International Airport also has an IMAX theatre, free exhibitions, and an indoor theme park.


    To/From Hong Kong International Airport

    Hong Kong International Airport is connected to downtown Hong Kong via several public transportation options. You can opt to get to or from the airport by Airport Express train, public bus, or taxi. Most hotels also offer shuttle bus services to/from the airport or to the closest Airport Express station. The Airport Express trains run every 12 minutes, every day between 6am and 1am – you’ll reach downtown Hong Kong within 30 minutes.

    One-way fares to Hong Kong Station cost HK$115 per adult (Octopus card: HK$110) and HK$57.50 per child (Octopus card: HK$55), while tickets to Kowloon Station cost HK$105 (Octopus card: HK$100) and HK$52.50 (Octopus card: HK$50). The Airport Express is also the quickest way for those heading for AsiaWorld-Expo. Tickets to AsiaWorld-Expo Station cost around HK$6 per adult (Octopus card: HK$5.50) and HK$6 per child (Octopus card: HK$2.70).


    Hong Kong International Airport–Mainland China Motorcoach bus Service

    Hong Kong International Airport provides ground transportation to Mainland China and cities in the Pearl River Delta. Note that you’re required to have a valid travel document for entering mainland China before boarding. Check with your local Chinese embassy or consulate to find out what documentation you need.

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    Hong Kong International Airport–Mainland China Ferry Service

    Several cities in Mainland China are connected to Hong Kong International Airport by high-speed ferries. You can book a ticket from the ticketing desks located on the 5th floor of the airport’s arrival terminal, just before the immigration counters. A bus will then take you to the Skypier for your connection to cities like Macau and Shenzhen.


    Getting to/from Hong Kong International Airport by Bus

    There are 9 Airbus (A) routes that can take you to and from the airport, with fewer stops compared to ordinary buses. Bus fares range between HK$14 and HK$48, depending on destination and bus service provider. The bus stops at major hotels throughout Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, making it one of the most affordable ways of getting to your hotel. 

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    Getting to/from Hong Kong International Airport by Taxi

    Taxis are available from the taxi pick-up area in front of the Arrivals Hall. Note that taxis in Hong Kong are color-coded to show their operating zones. The ones in red operate across most of Hong Kong Island, while the green taxis mainly operate in the north-eastern part of Hong Kong and the north-western area of New Territories. Blue-coded taxis service Lantau Island and Chek Lap Kok.

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