Palau is a small group of islands in the western Pacific that let travellers enjoy a taste of tropical paradise with vibrant scenery on land and below the waves offshore. The Rock Islands in particular are covered in verdant forests with the green of the leaves contrasting strongly with the blue colour of the surrounding water. Many local restaurants take full advantage of the landscape as well, putting diners right next to breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery.

Travellers looking for adventures beneath the waves will find some of the greatest dive spots in Oceania here. Blue Corner is particularly iconic, along with German Channel and Blue Holes. Visitors often dive in the same area more than once, as the experience is different each time. One of the more odd places among the islands is Jellyfish Lake. This is a lake filled with jellyfish, but it’s perfectly safe. Because the jellyfish faced no predators, they evolved without the need for stingers.

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  • 10 Unmissable Activities in Palau

    Palau has the typical Sardinian charm of a town lying between the emerald green sea and rugged land. The pearl of the Gallura region with views of the Maddalena Archipelago, Palau is a popular tourist destination for relaxing on its golden beaches. The town also offers a wide range of unmissable experiences. If unique sights are your thing, don't miss a...

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Where & what to eat in Palau

  • 10 Spots for Discovering Local Flavors in Palau

    Palau's rich natural landscape is also reflected in its culinary tradition. Here, dishes from the land and sea evoke the beach and provide enticing hints of the place itself, creating a magical blend of flavors and landscapes that's a treat for both eyes and taste buds. Palau is brimming with opportunities to try typical dishes such as fregula pasta or...

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