Tuscany: the ideal destination for wine lovers. What’s better than sipping a glass of exquisite vino surrounded by picture-perfect landscapes, rolling hills dotted with villages, and vineyards as far as the eye can see? Soak up the beauty of Chianti or the undulating Val d'Orcia. Discover the birthplace of the famous Brunello di Montalcino or the beloved DOC Bolgheri, then sail to the island of Elba to sample wines with an unmistakable flavor.

    Grab a map, work out your itinerary and visit cellars where you can meet local producers. What are you waiting for? It's time to go and raise a glass to beauty! We've chosen 10 spots in Tuscany that are famous for Bacchus' nectar.


    Land of Chianti

    Visit the homeland of quintessentially Tuscan wine

    Chianti, one of Tuscany's most well-known products, originated in this area, which spans 20 kilometers between the provinces of Siena, Florence and Arezzo. Lose yourself in an unparalleled sensory experience by visiting some of the cellars that produce this precious nectar of the gods, scattered throughout the land.

    Don't forget to explore the little medieval villages that peek out between the hills. You'll discover parish churches, villas and abbeys, and points of interest like Castello di Brolio (Brolio Castle), the village of Radda and Greve in Chianti, offering picture-perfect views. These spots are real treasures.

    Location: Tuscany, Italy



    Look out over an ocean of vineyards producing Brunello di Montalcino

    A prized wine like Brunello di Montalcino could only ever be born in a land that's equally special and rich in history and natural beauty. The cradle of this Italian product, so beloved world-over, lies on a large hill covered in vineyards, 40 km from Siena. To discover all the secrets of this exquisite wine – ready to drink after five years of aging – be sure to visit Montalcino, the enchanting village from which it takes its name.

    At the top of the village, which has remained almost unchanged since the 16th century, stands an ancient castle from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley.

    Location: 53024 Montalcino, Italy


    Val d'Orcia

    Visit enchanting villages and hills where DOC wines are produced

    Val d'Orcia: pearl of rare beauty, a landscape of winding paths and endless green hills. A place so extraordinary it's included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This landscape, celebrated by painters of every era, is also the homeland of DOC wines like DOC Moscadello di Montalcino, DOC San'Antimo, DOC Orcia, as well as Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino.

    Grab a map and choose some stop-off points. You'll be spoilt for choice, but some must-see spots include Castiglione D'Orcia, Pienza, Radicofani and San Quirico d'Orcia.

    Location: 53100 Siena, Italy



    Discover the history of DOCG Morellino di Scansano in Maremma

    If you want to try DOCG Morellino di Scansano, what better than visiting its place of origin? This red wine is the pride of Maremma Toscana and was created in the land between the valleys of the Ombrone and Albegna rivers.

    The name derives from Scansano, an ancient town in the Province of Grosseto. If you're planning on visiting, aim for September, when the picturesque Festa dell'Uva (Grape Festival) takes place. Cellars open up and you can taste prized wines and local delicacies.

    Location: 58054 Scansano, Italy


    Carmignano and the Wine Trail

    Try ancient wines on the banks of the Arno

    In Carmignano, in the province of Prato, is a wine that's been produced since Etruscan and Roman times. It's produced from Sangiovese and other grape varieties that are rare in other parts of Tuscany, and boasts organoleptic properties which differentiate it from Chianti.

    Fancy trying it? Follow the Strada dei Vini di Carmignano e dei Sapori Tipici Pratesi (Trail of Carmignano Wines and Traditional Prato Flavors) and visit the local wine farms. Montemurlo, Poggio a Caiano, Vaiano, Vernio and Cantagallo are just some of the towns you'll encounter on your journey to discovering this age-old nectar of the gods, which is little known in Italy but appreciated abroad for the sophistication and subtlety of its flavor.

    Location: 59100 Prato, Italy


    The land of DOC Bolgheri

    Taste the big flavors of great wine produced in a small area

    The Bolgheri area is surrounded by sea, hills, vineyards, cypress trees and a breathtaking view of Alta Maremma (Upper Maremma), and is the birthplace of one of the finest Tuscan wines: DOC Bolgheri. Its red, white and rosé variants are definitely worth trying. Bolgheri isn't a vast area, but it has plenty of wine cellars.

    Have fun discovering them and experience the wonder of tasting this elixir face-to-face with the wine producers. Its unmistakable flavor will leave you with blissful memories, as will the surrounding landscape. Be sure to also visit the village of Castagneto Carducci.

    Location: 57022 Bolgheri, Italy


    Colli di Luni

    Visit the cradle of white Vermentino

    Visit the Colli di Luni area to retrace the history of its DOC wine. Discover the extraordinary land bordering Liguria that gave life to the famous Vermentino. You won't find the undulating hills of Chianti or Val d'Orcia, but a very different landscape of vineyards alternating with woodland and plains, swept by the sea air.

    To combine a trip around the cellars with some tourism, hop over to the Riviera Apuana (Apuan Riviera) and be blown away by the magical towns of Massa, Carrara and Montignoso.

    Location: 54033 Carrara, Italy


    Elba Island

    Discover exquisite DOC wines a stone's throw from the sea

    Tourists aren't the only ones who travel to the island of Elba. It's also a favorite of wine enthusiasts. This pearl set in the azur waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea is home to fantastic DOC wines, like Aleatico Passito, DOC Elba Bianco and Elba Moscato. There are still many active wine farms between Portoferraio and Capoliveri.

    Some of these also operate as agrotourism spots, perfect for a unique evening out. If you're thirsting to sip an exquisite glass of wine, surrounded by vineyards with a view of the crystal-clear sea, this island's the place for you.

    Location: 57037 Portoferraio, Italy



    Stroll among cork oaks and spectacular vineyards

    Suvereto is a small town that's the namesake of a great wine, DOCG Suvereto. It's also one of the prettiest towns in Italy. The surrounding Val di Cornia (Cornia Valley) is where the magic happens, amidst rows of vineyards, olive trees, cypresses and cork oaks.

    This breathtaking natural landscape offers ideal conditions for growing excellent grapes, which never fail to impress. Enjoy a delicious glass of wine among the village's stone houses for an unforgettable experience.

    Location: 57028 Suvereto, Italy


    Arbia Valley

    A little known land, waiting to be discovered

    In Val d'Arbia (Arbia Valley), you can lose yourself in a fairy-tale landscape off the beaten path Located between Chianti, Crete Senesi and Siena, this welcoming setting boasts undulating hills and magical villages that seem lost in time. It’s a picture-perfect landscape that’s home to exquisite wines, including Bianco and DOC Vin Santo.

    If you're passing through, stop by Grancia di Cuna (Cuna Grange) in Monteroni d'Arbia. You'll be staggered by this fortified medieval farm's mighty size and the color of its red bricks.

    Location: 53100 Siena, Italy


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