Capri has dual appeal: it has island charm and unique character that’s removed from that of the mainland, and the glamor of an international vacation destination, popular with celebrities and the jet set. It's both a world unto itself and a cosmopolitan meeting point.

    Its bars are frequented by celebrities from every continent and languages from every country are heard in its streets, yet visitors also look for the unique traditions and flavors of an extraordinary place with the intact splendor of days gone by. Want to dive into the island's nightlife, surrounded by the scents of the land and sea and bright lights of the discos? We've chosen 9 spots where you can experience the enchanting nights of the gem of the Gulf of Naples.


    Taverna Anema e Core

    The Neapolitan music that took the world by storm

    • Nightlife

    Taverna Anema e Coreis a historic nightclub near Capri’s square where Guido Lembo, the Re di Capri, performs with his band every night. He founded the club in 1994 and turned it into an elite rendezvous.

    Big names from the international jet set, well-known businesspeople, and sporting stars and celebrities spend their evenings here while staying on the island, often improvising performances with the musicians on stage. The key to its success lies in this traditional tavern's originality; the Neapolitan music being played merges together with entertainment and audience involvement.

    Location: Daily from 10.30 am to 4 am

    Open: Via Sella Orta, 1, 80076 Capri, Italy

    Phone: +39 081 837 6461


    La Capannina

    Historic restaurant and modern wine bar

    • Nightlife

    La Capannina Wine Bar: a classy, elegant spot for an aperitif or an evening with friends in the heart of Capri. The ambience resembles a Capri villa, with interiors dominated by white walls, ceilings and curtains. Historic photos of Capri, majolica floors, sofas, little balconies and soft lighting create an intimate, laid-back feel.

    Wine lovers can choose from over 200 labels. If you're more into cocktails, the baristas are known for their attention to every detail of your beverage. Beside the bar is the historic restaurant, which has been graced by the likes of Aristotele Onassis and Jackie Kennedy. Here you can taste a combination of Mediterranean tradition and innovation. Their specialty is ravioli, made with the island's traditional recipe.

    Location: Wine Bar open Thursday–Tuesday from 7.30 pm to 2 am, restaurant open from noon to 3 pm and 7 pm to 11.30 pm (closed on Wednesdays)

    Open: Via le Botteghe, 14, 80076 Capri, Italy

    Phone: +39 081 837 6461


    The Capri shuffle

    Streets for looking and being looked at

    • Nightlife
    • Shoppers
    • Photo

    The Lo struscio a Capri (Capri shuffle) is one of the most famous walks in the world, running from the square to an incomparable viewpoint. Specifically, it's the practice of walking the central streets, looking through shop windows and exchanging glances. This fascinating island ritual attracts both tourists and locals.

    For the full experience, go in the evening when it’s less crowded and cooler in summer. Start with an aperitif in the bustling Piazzetta (square). Walk down Via Vittorio Emanuele to Via Camerelle, the main street containing well-known boutiques. Beyond the shops you’ll arrive at a street lined with villas and hotels leading to the viewpoint, facing the stacks. Admire the view, mail some selfies and, retracing your steps, repeat the struscio.

    Open: 80073 Capri, Italy


    VV Club

    All the ingredients for an on-trend evening

    • Nightlife

    For an evening in a chic club, on the street known for the struscio (shuffle ritual) and nightlife, is Villa Verde Club, frequented by a refined, cosmopolitan clientele. A place for dancing ‘til dawn in a contemporary setting, where the setup and lighting create a stylish atmosphere. VV Club offers more than the nightclub.

    Here, you can start the evening with dinner. The restaurant tables are on an outdoor terrace and the menu includes local dishes, pizza and international cuisine. You’ll be blown away by the expertise and aesthetics of the bar. Why not try a cocktail? When it's time to let loose, the nightclub’s DJs will start inviting people onto the dancefloor for a night of music and beats.

    Location: Daily from 10 pm to 5 am

    Open: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 45, 80076 Capri, Italy

    Phone: +39 329 064 4576



    A DJ set at sunset

    • Nightlife

    Maliblù, on the southwestern tip, is the perfect spot for admiring the sunset, and sipping a cocktail to the beat of a DJ set at twilight. In a highly picturesque setting that gently slopes down from Faro di Punta Carena (Punta Carena Lighthouse) toward the sea, it’s surrounded by terraces, steps and cliffs.

    All that evening movement make you peckish? There's no need to leave the splendid natural lights and sounds: they serve cold dishes, fruit skewers, sandwiches and other tasty bites. Sea, sunset, a drink and the beats: perfect for a romantic evening or going wild with old and new friends.

    Open: Str. Faro di Carena, 23, 80071 Anacapri, Italy

    Phone: +39 081 837 2560


    Vinoteca Della Zagara

    Chic aperitif or dinner in the citrus grove?

    • Nightlife

    Vinoteca Della Zagara is on the main street, right in the center, near the bus stop connecting you to all neighborhoods of the island. It's inside Casa Mariantonia, a historic building where one of Capri's very first guesthouses was opened.

    Sip a glass of wine with appetisers or cold cuts and cheeses. Fancy lunch or dinner? Next door is the dining area, nestled in a fragrant citrus grove. It's an unusual and evocative haunt known for its limoncello, served as a digestif and made with fruit from the surrounding trees.

    Location: Daily from noon to 3 pm and 7 pm to 11 pm

    Open: Via Giuseppe Orlandi, 180, 80071 Anacapri, Italy

    Phone: +39 081 837 2923


    Lanterna Verde

    The piano bar with a view of the Gulf of Naples

    • Nightlife

    Lanterna Verde in Anacapri is one of the island’s most renowned night-time haunts where you can enjoy the laid-back ambience of a piano bar. Located inside Hotel San Michele, its windows reveal a sea-view spanning the entire Golfo di Napoli (Gulf of Naples). When the moon peeps over the sea, you can witness one of the world’s most breathtaking shows.

    The bar’s rooms carved out of rock and star-spangled vault seem at one with the enchanting surroundings. On summer nights, pick a table on the terrace, under the gazebo or oleander tree. The piano notes and songs' melodies are the ideal soundtrack for uncorking a bottle of excellent wine and abandoning yourself to this magical place.

    Location: Daily from 5 pm to 1 am

    Open: Via Giuseppe Orlandi, 1, 80071 Anacapri, Italy

    Phone: +39 081 837 1442


    Qubè Cafè

    Fun in all its forms

    • Nightlife

    Qubè Cafè is a laid-back place to have a drink, just a hop, skip and a jump away from the rhythm of the music. With walls covered in giant murals and posters of rock legends, it hosts evenings of live underground concerts and is a hotspot for conversation and non-conformity. All this makes it a hub for the island's youth.

    You can spend the evenings here however you prefer: hanging out with friends, watching sport on TV, trying unusual cocktails, chatting over a cold beer or playing a board game. The bar is located in the heart of Capri, a few hundred meters from the square and streets known for nightlife, where night-owls come and go.

    Location: Sunday–Thursday from 6 pm to 2 am; Friday and Saturday from 9.30 pm to 3 am

    Open: Via Li Curti, 6, 80073 Capri, Italy

    Phone: +39 081 837 9707


    Summer concerts during Anacapri Fa Musica

    Classical splendor and Bel Canto melodies

    • Nightlife

    Capri and Anacapri embody the island’s spirit and so do the concerts during Anacapri Fa Musica. In Anacapri, where lively beach life and bustling, stylish streets also give way to peace and relaxation, the Anacapri Fa Musica festival takes place. Rather than rock drums or club beats, you’ll enjoy the soothing richness of a classical repertoire.

    The concert cycle includes small chamber ensemble and Bel Canto opera performances. Artists embodying the local spirit, as well as foreign folk performers, also feature. Visit this varied and fascinating cultural program during your vacation. The concerts take place during summer and are a quintessential part of nights in Anacapri.

    Open: 80071 Anacapri, Italy


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