The Basque Country may belong to Spain, but its distinct cultural traditions, cuisine and even language make it seem like a different nation. This northern region of Spain boasts diverse natural landscapes ranging from dramatic clifftops to scenic vineyards. More interested in architectural masterpieces? Head to the otherworldly Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, which has revitalized what was previously an industrial wasteland.

    While you’re here, enjoy authentically local bites, such as marmitako, lamb stews and fish grilled over hot coals. Watch the sunset over a seaside resort while sampling Basque cider and txakoli (sparkling white wine). If you want to relish the unique identity of the Basque Country, plan a road trip from Bilboa to San Sebastian, during which you’ll pass historic villages, port towns and the beautiful Basque coastline.

    Where & what to eat in Basque Country

    • 10 Best Local Dishes from San Sebastian

      Local dishes from San Sebastian showcase the flavors from the Atlantic and Pyrenees that surround the Spanish town. Foodies travel from far and wide to sample the flavors from the unique Basque kitchen that makes its home in the pintxo restaurants and cantinas of the town. San Sebastian’s historic center is gilded with grand mansions and bustling squares, as well...

    Where to go & what to do at night in Basque Country

    • 10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in San Sebastian

      This guide to the best things to do after dinner in San Sebastian will help you experience the resort town's incredible nightlife. Located on the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s Basque County, the city is best known for its beautiful beaches and world-renowned dining scene. However, you’ll find that the city really comes alive after dinner, with excellent nightspots...

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    • 9 Reasons Why San Sebastian Food Will Amaze You

      San Sebastian, on Spain’s north coast, is perhaps not your first thought when you’re listing European capitals of cuisine. However, its reputation is growing fast, helped along by a remarkable list of international accolades. The unique culture, superb ingredients, and creative preparations have helped create an outstanding destination for those who like to savor a good meal. If you need...

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