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Resorts, Rooms with a View, and Apartments - Staying on Hamilton Island

Whether you’re planning a vacation as a couple, with the family, or with a group of friends, Hamilton Island affords an array of accommodation to suit your needs. There are premium, couples-only resorts, spacious hotel rooms, comfortable family apartments, or luxurious houses with their own pool and sweeping sea views.

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Where to Stay in the Noosa Region

Accommodation throughout the Noosa region covers the full spectrum, spanning from practical and affordable hostels, to luxury resorts with ocean views, and lots of mid-range options. Many are conveniently situated close to the Hastings Street strip, but there are also a good number away from the town area, offering a more remote vibe.

Natural Wonders, Sporting Challenges, and Indulgent Pleasures on Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island's pristine, palm-lined beaches invite you stretch out on the sand and let the sunny hours go by. Resorts with all the comforts, and restaurants with fine food and water views, tempt you to indulge yourself. But you'll be missing out if you don't take advantage of all the active experiences the island has to offer, from exploring the Whitsundays by helicopter, to paddling a kayak.

Blue Water, White Sand, and Unspoiled Bush - Getting Acquainted With Hamilton Island

Gateway to the Whitsunday Archipelago, Hamilton Island sits like an emerald in the aquamarine Coral Sea. Although a tourist magnet since the 1970s, it’s only since wine magnate Robert Oatley purchased the island in 2003 that it’s become a sought-after destination for well-heeled celebrities and ordinary families alike. With a commitment to sustainability, and a consummate balance of amenities and unspoiled nature, Hamilton Island is a singular tropical island destination.

Shopping in Noosa - Retail Therapy Under the Sun

After lazing at the beach or exploring the glorious countryside, shopping in Noosa presents some enticing retail therapy. Hastings Street alone is a famous destination for boutique stores and fashion outlets, but there's also a range of other options within a short drive from town.

What To See and Do in Noosa

The most obvious draw for those holidaying in Noosa would be the prospect of sunbathing on sandy beaches and swimming in sparkling blue seas. However, there's plenty more ways to enjoy the relaxed coastal lifestyle of the region, and a wide variety of leisure activities that cater to those looking for a little holiday fun.

Noosa City Guide - Beaches, Bush, and Shopping

For those wishing to explore Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the Noosa region represents the ideal holiday destination. It's a balanced mix of white sandy beaches, preserved bushland and cosmopolitan indulgences, all blissfully free of high-rise towers. There is swimming to suit families and surfers alike, and the lush national parks and hinterland are within in easy reach.

Cairns - A Tropical Paradise Starring Reef and Rainforest

Located between the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, Cairns makes the perfect starting point for families on voyages of discovery. When it's time to relax, there's a host of parks, playgrounds, and swimming spots where the kids can let off steam.

Exploring Culture and the Arts in Cairns

Think of Cairns, and you probably picture the tropical paradise of the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, pristine beaches, and crystal clear seas. Delve below the surface though, and you’ll find a vibrant creative scene that offers theater, music, visual art, and regular cultural festivals.

Nightlife in Noosa - What to Do When the Sun Goes Down

Nightlife is Noosa tends to be as relaxed and chilled as its coastal landscape. Several beaches host an outdoor bar on the sand, and many restaurants morph into cocktails bars once the last coffees are ordered. For those looking to kick on, a handful of nightclubs and live music venues can be found in and around Noosa Heads.

Family Fun in Noosa

Brimming with beaches, rivers, and bushland, not to mention healthy Aussie attitude, Noosa is an ideal holiday spot for families who appreciate the great outdoors. There's a variety of tours than can be undertaken to enjoy these natural assets to the fullest, or just dump the kids on the sand for a relaxing day out.

A Guide to Eating Out in Noosa - Around the World on a Plate

The lack of an identifiable national cuisine is actually a blessing in disguise for those eating out in Australia, with a diverse range of global dishes offered in its place. This is certainly true for the restaurant culture in Noosa. There’s an eclectic selection of fine-dining restaurants available in town, to match the gorgeous nature of the beachside scenery.

Culinary Creativity, Fresh Ingredients, and Whitsunday Views - the Best Dining on Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island offers an array of dining options, with enough variety for you to dine somewhere different every night. The emphasis is on fresh ingredients, with chefs making use of local, sustainable produce wherever possible. It's all here: memorable gourmet dining experiences, relaxed family meals, and quick, delicious takeaways. All of Hamilton Island’s dining options have one thing in common: a breathtaking Whitsunday Islands’ backdrop.

Travel Tips - Getting the Most Out of Your Hamilton Island Vacation

Hamilton Island offers fine sand, clear aquamarine waters, and lush green foliage - just like most of the 74 Whitsunday Archipelago’s islands. Hamilton, however, is the only one with a wide choice of hotels and restaurants, and a sophisticated yet laid-back vibe. It’s easily reached by plane and boat, and is a perfect casting-off point for the Great Barrier Reef.

Travel Tips for a Relaxed Noosa Vacation

The town of Noosa Heads in Queensland, often shortened to simply “Noosa” and the hub of the Noosa region, offers the perfect way to enjoy the Australian lifestyle. You’ll find a delightful balance of pristine beaches and lush bushland, plus a thriving restaurant and shopping scene. Noosa's moderate climate is one of its biggest draws - sitting between 19 and 25 degrees C (66 to 77 F) all year.

The Whitsundays – what to see and do on land, in the air and on the water

The attractions of the Whitsundays are countless and extensive; the cliché ‘something for everyone’ may be an old one, but it fits. It’s an outdoors kind of place, water and sub-tropical rainforest, relaxing and active. There are family oriented pursuits, stuff for couples and single travelers, but many of the Whitsunday ‘must do’s’ apply to everyone, whatever their age or party size. 

Where to stay in the Whitsundays – an accommodation guide made especially for dreamers and night owls

From clean but basic backpacker hostels to one of the very best six star resorts in the world, the Whitsundays has it all. There’s accommodation on the mainland and accommodation on the islands; there’s even accommodation at sea if you can’t bear to be out or away from the water for long. 

Where to shop in the Whitsundays - your guide to what’s hot and what’s not

The Whitsundays is not a place where you’re going to shop till you drop, most visitors come here to relax or have fun outdoors; shopping is a necessity not an all-day event. What Whitsundays shopping is all about is unique souvenirs, typical Aussie clothing and essentials that you cannot be without. 

Where to eat in the Whitsundays - a guide to the best eateries in resort

You’ll never go hungry in the Whitsundays. Not only are there loads of restaurants and fast food joints, but the portions are Aussie style - big. Airlie Beach has the biggest pickings, but the resort hotels and islands also have a good selection of restaurants. Being surrounded by the ocean, fish is fresh and tasty, but if you hate dipping your toes in the water let alone eating fish, meat and veggie dishes are just as abundant. 

A guide to Airlie Beach - heart of the tropical Whitsundays and gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

Day or night, Airlie Beach is the hottest and the coolest place to hang out in the Whitsundays. Enjoy its bars and restaurants, clubs and activities, because this place is all about choice. Whether you’re a backpacking student or a billionaire with your own yacht, Airlie Beach can oblige. Fill your days with endless water or land based activities, and after dark when the resort really comes alive, dance until the sun comes up. 

Where to stay in Cairns – a neighborhood guide

As the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns grows more popular with each year that passes. Millions of visitors from all walks of life base themselves in the tropical city and visit the reef and surrounding rain forests. As so, Cairns has developed into a fantastic place to stay with an abundance of hotels, hostels and B&Bs to suit any budget.

Where to shop in Cairns – a guide to where and what to buy

Cairns is popular for being a shopping hot-spot in northern Queensland. Many locals make the trip into the CBD from miles around to indulge in some of the best shopping around. Its ancient indigenous past is showcased in many shops around town, where visitors can pick up a number of great souvenirs. There are also some great modern shops where you will be able to peruse some of the world’s great names in fashion.

Where to eat in Cairns – a food and dining guide

Australians are known around the world for their love and expertise when it comes to lighting up the barbie and throwing a few snags on; here in Cairns it’s no different. Whether you are looking for first class dining or simple pie and chips, Cairns has something to suit every taste. Its perfect location, being right next to the blue ocean, provides visitors with an unprecedented selection of fresh sea food; some say the best sea food in all of Queensland.

What to see and do in Cairns – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

Australia is known across the globe for having a huge variety of activities and sights to suit every taste; and here in Cairns it’s no different. What is different however, is the landscape. While 95% of Australia is desert or savannah Tropical North Queensland is green and verdant. This stunning natural location nestled between the blue ocean and lush greens of the rain forest means it’s a haven for those looking for beach and walking holidays.

A guide to Cairns – lush tropical rain forests meet the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef

Travel far enough north up Australia’s Sunshine State of Queensland and you will eventually reach the picturesque town of Cairns. Known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns has developed into a hub of activity, popular with all types of travelers. An eclectic mix of tropical waters and lush mountain ranges provide the perfect place to spend a few days.

Cairns Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Cairns is one of the centers of Australian tourism and as a result people come here from all over the world to work, study and play. This means a cosmopolitan dining scene that can hold its own with the eating on offer in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Cairns Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Cairns, Australia

Cairns is the sweltering gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia's second-largest tourist attraction (after Uluru) and the largest living thing in the world. Most people who visit here do so fleetingly, in order to take boat trips to the Reef. This is a shame since Cairns itself is a thriving tourist center that marks the entrance to the far north tropics of Australia.

Cairns Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Cairns is very much a night time city since the soaring temperatures and soggy humidity during the day prohibit any kind of vigorous activity during the day time. Of an evening, the international crowd flocks to bars and restaurants that pulsate with travelers from all backgrounds, and the variety of nightlife and atmosphere here is truly electric.

Cairns Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

The main thing to bear in mind when approaching a stay in Cairns is the heat and humidity. This is a very steamy part of the world and the most frequent cause of discomfort and distress is unfamiliarity or lack of preparation for extreme temperatures. Also, be sure to avoid swimming in the waters directly off Cairns as crocodiles swim in the wild here. Tourist traps are another concern, and most visitors should try to book well in advance for all trips to the Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Sophisticated and multi-cultural Cairns is a shopper's heaven with a great mix of shopping malls and department stores as well as souvenir and trinket stores which are a dime a dozen by the main port and The Esplanade. Good buys include crocodile skin leather goods and pearls.

Top 10 diving destinations in the world

Dive into a mesmerising underwater world with this guide to the top 10 diving destinations in the world. You’ll find a hotel that suits whether you want to cage dive with sharks or explore hulking shipwrecks.

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