Collect 1 stamp for every night you stay. Collect 10 stamps to get a reward* night.



This is the fun bit!

Your reward* night is the average value of the 10 stamps you collect


Membership benefits

The more stamps you collect in your membership year, the more rewards you get!

General Rewards terms

*Hotels.com® Rewards is for guests aged 18+ who registered with a valid email address. When you book and stay for 1 night at an eligible property, you’ll get 1 stamp. Collect 10 stamps and you’ll get 1 reward* night to redeem at any eligible property. We work out the average value of all 10 stamps you’ve collected (before taxes and fees) and give it back to you as a reward* night. You just pay taxes and fees on your reward* night. And if you choose a room, apartment, or other equivalent that costs more, you pay the difference. You can’t collect stamps or redeem reward* nights when you pay using a discount coupon or if you’re making a package booking. Stamps and reward* nights collected will expire if you have not made and completed a booking with your Hotels.com Rewards account in the previous 12 months. Read the full terms and conditions.

*Projected value subject to change based on your future bookings and subject to the Hotels.com® Rewards terms and conditions. Average calculated on the total member reward night value for 2019 globally and does not include the value of taxes and fees which are payable by the member.

Secret prices

*Secret Prices are available to Hotels.com® app users, Hotels.com® Rewards members, and individuals who unlock Secret Prices on the website by subscribing to Hotels.com by email. Secret Prices will be shown where the “Your Secret Price” banner is displayed on your search results. Available on select properties and select dates only. Subject to full terms and conditions.