Incredible hotel pools across the globe

Be it swimming with sharks or diving off skyscrapers, hotels know how to create some pretty extraordinary swimming pools. Here's our pick. Now it's time to check in and jump in! Don't forget your trunks, obviously.

A little pool inside a big one

Perhaps they were short of space at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo as somehow the pool has ended up plonked in the iconic Lake Como in northern Italy. After a dip in the floating pool, guests can relax on the lakeside beach or head for one of the two other stunning pools the hotel offers.

A swim into the bowels of the earth

Well, it’s not exactly a standard hotel pool but it certainly deserves a mention! The Homestead Resort in Utah has its very own geothermally-heated pool inside an underground cave. Hotel guests can enjoy a soak or even opt for scuba diving in the luke-warm water, which has a depth of 10 metres.

Is that a big fish tank in the lobby?

No it’s not. It’s a pool that has somehow ended up going through the restaurant and bar! La Purificadora hotel in Puebla, Mexico is a minimalist design hotel housed in a former water purification plant. The water legacy is still present in the form of a glass-sided pool that looks over the city centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

A hotel with Olympic ambitions

You better like doing lengths if you’re checking into the W Miami, as their pool is pretty long! The main infinity pool is 65 metres long, and if you make it to the other end there’s a stunning view of the Miami city bay from the edge. If that’s not enough, there’s a 50-person hot tub and wading pool too.

Feel the power of the mountain

Hotel Chocolat on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia sits among the cocoa groves of the historic Rabot Estate. All the lodges come with access to the majestic black-quartz infinity pool that looks directly onto the spectacular volcanic mountain known as Petit Piton. Just don’t swim off the edge!  

A unique hotel with a unique pool

As the name suggests, there's plenty that’s unique about Hotel Unique in São Paulo, Brazil. Yes there’s the extraordinary shape, the circular windows and crazy décor, but on the roof you’ll find a pool that’s bright red! You’ll have to jump in to hear what’s coming out of the underwater sound system.

So much more than just a pool party

The rooftop pool and bar at the Standard Downtown LA is more than just a place to relax in Los Angeles; it’s an institution. It’s the nightly playground for visitors and locals alike, with pool parties, DJ sets and its own Biergarten. Summer is the time to go as there’s a season-long programme of dedicated parties on offer.

Watch out for elephant paparazzi

If you’re looking for privacy, then this one’s probably not for you. Those elephants and giraffes love snooping on guests at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge in the heart of the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. The pool looks directly onto a natural bathing pool just metres away, frequented by the surrounding wildlife.

Poolside service from sharks

Thrill seekers, is this good enough for you? At the Atlantis The Palm Hotel you’ll be swimming with…sharks. Well at least that’s the impression, but sadly they’ll be on the other side of some very thick glass. It’s just one of the extraordinary experiences you can expect at this luxurious hotel in Dubai, which is mind-boggling in every single way. 

Time for a (big) hot shower

A short drive from the shores of the Dead Sea on the Jordanian side, the Ma'In Hot Springs Hotel sits at the base of an impressive waterfall that gushes out natural hyper-thermal water straight into the pools and on to your head too. The 5-star resort comes will full spa facilities and a standard pool if you can’t take the heat.

Forget about the Alpine skiing

The perfect moment to go swimming in the pool of LeCrans Hotel in the Swiss Alps is most definitely the middle of winter, surrounded by virgin snows as far as the eye can see. The heated outdoor pool looks straight out upon a truly vast panorama of the Alps that includes the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc mountains. 

Watertight walls

Wherever your room happens to be in the Oberoi Udaivilas Hotel in Udaipur, central India, you can be sure that you’ll be close to the swimming pool as it pretty much surrounds the hotel, in some parts forming part of the walls. When you’re not taking in the view of Lake Pichola from the infinity pool, you’ll most likely be having a massage, doing yoga by the pool or dining on a private boat on the lake. Does it get much better?

Don’t look down. It’s… deep

If you’re looking for breathtaking views of Hong Kong then this is the one for you. Diving into the infinity pool at the Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island might just feel like you’re diving off the edge of a skyscraper! The pool has a glass bottom that overhangs the 29th floor of the building, allowing you to wave to passers-by on the street below. And no skinny dipping please.

An oasis in the jungle

Find your wild side at the Hanging Gardens of Bali. The stunning outdoor pool of this hotel is located in the heart of the jungle, high in the trees. It really feels like you’re alone with nature up here as the entire resort is very secluded on Bali island. All that’s left to do is to enjoy the birdsong before eating some flavoursome jungle grub at the 5-star restaurant.

Waterproof camera mandatory

When in Singapore there is just one place to see and to be seen. It’s the Marina Bay Sands Hotel with its 150-metre infinity swimming pool about the skyline of Singapore. Dive into the warm water and gaze at the city skyline from the sun loungers, cocktail in hand. Now pose for the camera!