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Great American Road Trips

Scenic routes with breathtaking views all over the country.

It's okay if you get lost every once in a while - who knows what you might discover!

Must See Road Trips

These iconic road trips should be added to your bucket list, if they aren't on it already!

Pacific Coast Highway

This iconic road trip stretches the entire coast of California twisting and winding through cliffs while paralleling the Pacific Ocean.

Route 1

Immerse yourself in the history and changing culture as you travel from Maine down the eastern coast to Florida. This is the longest north-south road in the United States allowing you to pass through a mix of large urban areas and rural landscapes (and 13 different states!)

Route 66

John Steinbeck’s novel “The Grapes of Wrath” helped make this road trip route famous, encompassing everything American as you head west from Chicago to California. It truly is the Main Street of America.

Across the Country

East to West. North to South. Road trips to take you across the country when you’re ready to travel again. 

The Oregon Trail

From sea-to-shining-sea, this route journeys you from the rugged coast of Oregon to the quaint seaside town of Cape Cod in southeastern Massachusetts.

The Loneliest Road

See the true beauty of America from coast to coast while traveling along Highway 50. Throughout your trip you’ll pass the Sierra Nevada, the Great Plains, and both the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains, amongst other things.

North to South

Encounter the unimaginable from rugged mountains in Montana, slot machines in Las Vegas, and the Sonoran Desert - commonly referred to as the world's greenest desert.

Road Trips with a Theme

Unique and unusual road trips to keep you intrigued from start to finish.

Southern BBQ Trail

This savory road trip will have your mouth watering all across the South. Different tastes and styles will allow you to see the wide variety of BBQ that these southern states have to offer.

Presidential Trail

This historic road trip gives accolades to the Presidents all throughout Florida. Start your journey in Pensacola, FL where Andrew Jackson served as the state’s first governor and finish at Harry Truman’s Little White House in sunny Key West.  

Craft Beer Trail

Designated driver highly recommended. This unique road trip brings you to the top craft beer breweries in the west. Start out in the vast state of Montana and work your way down through the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico.

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