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This 4/20, we’re picking up your room service tab so you can satisfy your ultimate cravings. You’ve got the munchies? We’ve got the money ... munchie money!

With 15 states and counting allowing Mary Jane to legally blow within their borders, many are now associating the month with one infamous holiday: 4/20. However you celebrate this holiday, the festivities will likely lead to an extreme case of the munchies. That's why this year is picking up your room service tab. To score this special room service munchie mania*, travelers can send their hotel reservation confirmation to between now and 4:20 a.m. on April 20, 2021.

Twenty lucky travelers who submit their reservation confirmations will receive $200 toward room service (to freely indulge in fries, chocolate cake, cheese pizza ... the works), a reward night in their account, VIP gold status for a full year and late checkout to help them sleep off that food coma.Here’s the best part: We know the cravings will come no matter where you booked your celebratory stay, that’s why we’re accepting booking confirmations from any property or online travel service.

No trip booked yet? Well, get on it! Treat yourself to a getaway at one of our favorite 4/20-friendly stays — we’re big fans of the below properties 😉

Dream Hollywood

Jupiter Hotel

The Moment

Hotel Teatro

St. Julien Hotel & Spa

Thompson Seattle

*This package does not offer any cannabis products and any traveler who redeems must adhere to local laws and hotel policies around consumption and purchase. All non-smoking rules must be adhered to in the room.

See here for official terms and conditions