Who is Captain Obvious? 

Captain Obvious does not work for Hotels.com. He is a person, who luckily for Hotels.com, is a big fan of Hotels.com. Because we’re the obvious choice when booking a hotel, something he needs to do a lot as a constant world traveler. Captain Obvious first appeared in February 2014 and has been active across multiple channels ever since. In fact, his Twitter account has over 300,000 followers and counting.

Where should people go for information on Captain Obvious and his Presidential race?

CaptainObviousRunsForPresident.com is the official home of his race. The public can view content, obtain merchandise, watch videos specific to all 50 states and watch Captain Obvious’ run across the country as it happens. 

What is the Hotels.com role in Captain Obvious’ race for President?

Hotels.com is supporting Captain Obvious during his race because they believe in simplicity as much as he does - and he'll need a place to sleep at night. They’ll be providing him with running shoes, socks, shorts and everything else he needs for his run. Hotels.com sees the Presidential race as a creative opportunity to utilize Captain Obvious in a relevant way and to engage consumers with humorous, yet respectful, satirical commentary on the pageantry of the race. 

Are you making fun of the actual Presidential race? Is this political satire?

No, we’re not making fun of the U.S. Presidential race, process or people. Hotels.com is using its biggest fan to help satirize the more culturally relevant pieces of the political climate in a lighthearted way that we feel people will enjoy. The brand’s intention is to:

-Respect the government and democratic election process

-Be satirical, not sarcastic

-Comment on behaviors, not beliefs

-Remain neutral, not picking a side nor leaning politically one way or the other. 

How is the race playing out on social media? What channels are Captain Obvious using to reach the public? 

Captain Obvious will be using his personal Twitter handle, @CaptainObvious to reach his more than 300,000 followers and fans on a daily basis. He’ll be live tweeting, commenting on the obvious happenings of the real Presidential race and generally providing his unique perspective to.  his followers. 

What other marketing support will there be for the race in the future?

Captain Obvious will be the centerpiece of continued marketing activations, including additional TV spots, interactive online videos, merchandise available to the public and live events. 

The Obvious Choice campaign and Captain Obvious have become really successful for Hotels.com. How did the idea come about and what’s next?

The idea for The Obvious Choice™ initially came from the Hotels.com US creative agency of record, CP+B and follows the premise that if you’re looking for a dot com to book hotels, then Hotels.com is clearly the obvious choice. The creative strategy light-heartedly brings to life a funny character, Captain Obvious ™ that has existed verbally in pop culture for decades. Through various marketing channels like TV, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as partnerships with entertainment companies, we’ve been able to creatively expand on Captain Obvious’ wit and personality to further explain why Hotels.com is The Obvious Choice. 

It’s been a fun journey with The Obvious Choice and Captain Obvious since our launch a few short years ago. Response has strongly favorable with us picking up several awards like a Bronze Cannes Lion in 2014, the Harris Poll Brand of the Year award in 2015, and more than 300,000 Captain Obvious followers on Twitter. Looking ahead, you can expect to see The Obvious Choice campaign in traditional and not so traditional media, and our biggest fan Captain Obvious will certainly be on point to offer an “obviousism” at just the right time. 

Who should I contact if I have questions or comments about the race?

Please contact: Taylor L. Cole, APR

Hotels.com, North America

Email: taycole@hotels.com