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Peace Out, 2020: Head Back to 1975 with the Miller Timeshare

2020 needs to get its groove back, so Miller Lite is bringing you good vibes only through the Miller Timeshare. This Midwest pad lets you escape 2020 and go back in time for a more carefree Miller Time.


The Miller Timeshare is the ultimate blast from the past that’ll make you forget your smartphone exists. Our old school retreat is a place where records are meant to be played and beers are meant to be shared. Old school meaning: we’re literally cutting the Wi-Fi because Instagram can wait, authentic connections can’t.

The groovy master bedroom features funky patterns and a retro mini bar complete with Miller Lite and old school snacks. 

The party doesn’t stop indoors… your crew can hit the patio for some fresh air and fireside hangs. Start the grill and live your Miller Time to the fullest next to an out-of-sight view of Mona Lake, Michigan. 

Getting To Know The Timeshare