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Hotels.com® Rewards members get double stamps on last-minute summer travel

Book on the Hotels.com app now through August 14 and use the coupon code below to earn double stamps for up to five nights of your last-minute summer stay. Create a Hotels.com® Rewards account and download the app to get started.

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Here’s how it works:
Step 1
Download our app and sign in or create an account to become a Hotels.com® Rewards member.
Scan the QR code using your phone’s camera or download our app from the App Store/Google Play.
Step 2
Find an eligible property and if you are given a choice⁠—choose to pay online.
Step 3
Check that you’re signed in on the app
Use the app to enter the coupon code APPRWD28 at checkout before you book your stay.
Step 4
You’ll collect double stamps on selected properties for the first 5 nights and 1 stamp for each remaining night of your stay.
We’ll credit stamps to your account after your stay.

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Terms & Conditions

Book on our app by 23:59 GMT 08/14/2022. Excludes taxes and fees. Stay between 08/11/2022–10/31/2022. Double Rewards Offer applies to the first 5 nights of your stay (collect 2 stamps for each night). Property exclusions apply. Full coupon terms and conditions apply.