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We’re the obvious choice for business travel.
We’ll make sure you get rewarded wherever your work takes you.
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Collect 10 nights, get 1 reward night on business or leisure trips
Location and amenities
A good location and the right amenities are essential for work travel
Free Cancellation
Enjoy flexibility! We offer free cancellation on most rooms® Rewards makes business travel more rewarding!® Rewards makes business travel more rewarding!
  • Get instant savings with Secret Prices. Minimize company travel costs or use the savings to book the best room within your travel budget.
  • Use your reward* nights for your vacation or redeem them on future work trips.
  • Instead of earning points with a single hotel brand, collect nights on hundreds of thousands of properties, including hotel chains.
I’ve always found to be an easy, hassle-free experience. The rates are as good, if not better, than anywhere else and the bonus nights are very helpful when traveling regularly for business.
Loic, UK
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Real people. Real opinions
I have a small business and travel a lot. is so easy to use! I also like earning extra reward* nights!
Shaw, USA
Make the right choice for your business stay
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Make the right choice for your business stay
  • Location is important! Enter the address or use our map to find a property that’s located within easy reach of your work, restaurants, and transportation
  • Use our filters to find properties with the amenities you need. WiFi and breakfast are popular choices for our business travelers
  • Rely on over 3 million verified reviews from genuine guests who traveled for business
Manage your booking anytime, anywhere
Manage your booking anytime, anywhere
  • Need to change or cancel? No problem, you can change your booking anytime and cancel for free on most rooms
  • Use our app to book on the go and access your booking details offline. Plus, check out our Concierge service to book a taxi, find restaurants, and order takeaways
  • Pay now or later. If you’ve chosen to pay at the property, you can ask for a tax invoice when you check out
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