Weedon Island Preserve in St. Petersburg-Clearwater takes travelers through a striking ecological paradise with an array of stellar outdoor activities. This natural gem, spanning nearly 3,700 acres, sits on the shores of Old Tampa Bay. From guided excursions to fishing and learning about the history of the early Native American inhabitants, the preserve offers enriching experiences year-round.

A good starting point for exploration at Weedon Island Preserve is The Cultural and Natural History Center, which features exhibits designed by anthropologists and historians that highlight the history of the area’s first peoples.

Weedon Island Preserve in St. Petersburg-Clearwater - one of the highlights of 9 Best Things to Do in St. Petersburg and Clearwater (Read all about St. Petersburg - Clearwater (and vicinity) here)

What are the highlights of Weedon Island Preserve in St. Petersburg-Clearwater?

Fun, fascinating hiking experiences await at Weedon Island Preserve. Among the programs are the Weedon Walkabouts, which take you through the mangrove and upland ecosystems of the preserve, and the Wading Bird Walk, a 1- to 2-mile hike featuring an overview of the marks and behaviors of the most common wading birds alongside tips for spotting the different species. Other nature hikes include a Photography Hike for the perfect shot.

Avid anglers often head to the fishing pier at the Weedon Island Preserve. The structure, set near the historical bridge, provides an ideal location for catching sheepshead, jack, and snook.

What else is good to know about Weedon Island Preserve in St. Petersburg-Clearwater?

You'll find no shortage of boardwalks and trails to explore on your own at Weedon Island Preserve. Excellent viewing opportunities abound along the boardwalks, which extend through the tidal flats across saltwater ponds, passing pine flatwood. One thing not to miss along the way is a 45-foot observation tower with panoramic views of the preserve and nearby cities.

Before leaving Weedon Island Preserve, a visit to the gift shop is in order. Located in the cultural and natural history center, the shop features works by local artists and other nature-themed items that make great souvenirs.

Weedon Island Preserve in St. Petersburg-Clearwater

Location: 1800 Weedon Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33702, USA

Open: Daily from 7 am to 5.30 pm

Phone: +1 727-453-6500