Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show is a comedy dining experience in which you play a detective solving a mystery. The 2.5-hour experience starts as you are greeted by the actors, seated, and given some snacks and nibbles while you look around and watch for anything suspicious. There’s a short magic trick which usually gets the crowd animated before a cast of actors performs a 45-minute mystery full of comedic moments.

Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Shows - one of the highlights of 13 Best Activities for Groups in Orlando and 5 Best Dinner Shows in Orlando (Read all about Orlando here)

Highlights of Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show 

You can enjoy dinner and dessert as you and your team attempt to put clues together to figure out who committed the crime. In the end, prizes are awarded to those who successfully solved the mystery. 

Free flow wine and beer are included in the price for everyone aged 21 and over. Children over 12 years old will also enjoy this hilarious experience, filled with brainteasers, comedy, delicious food, and prizes. If you want a seat near the stage – and possibly get yourself a little part in the show yourself – you should book your seats well ahead of time. Prices start from $28.95 for children and $61.95 for adults.

Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Shows

Location: 8267 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

Phone: +1 407-363-1985

Ari Gunadi | Compulsive Traveler