San Francisco is a vibrant cultural city with plenty of excellent things to do. Whether it’s hitting a club in the high-energy Mission District, shopping for vinyl in hippy Haight-Ashbury’s post-Beat wonderland, or just relaxing by the surf at the tranquil Ocean Beach, the Northern Californian city is bound to have something for everyone. After sunset, a mix of classic and modern things to do at night help you see the city in a different perspective. 

    First-time visitors eager to explore famous landmarks will find plenty to check off their bucket list. After all, San Francisco is a city where it’s possible to jog across the Golden Gate Bridge, take a trolley to Fisherman’s Wharf, tour Al Capone’s cell, and wander colorful alleys in Chinatown, all in one day. Thanks to its evolution from a hippies’ dream destination in ‘70s to the multicultural and LGBT-friendly city it is today, San Francisco will always be an attractive place to spend a holiday. 

    What to see & do in San Francisco

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    The best things to do in San Francisco include the coastal city's most popular sights. The most unique attractions owe to the Bay Area's geographical diversity. For instance, cruising down the hilly streets of San Francisco is a delight. Steep roads follow the contours of ancient dunes. This sharp topography became the foundation of the city. Meanwhile, its skyscraper-dotted skyline serves as a panoramic backdrop. You can take in... Read more

    Where & what to eat in San Francisco

    Dining in San Francisco and the Bay Area are exceptional experiences. After all, the area ranks among the world’s best dining destinations. With San Francisco’s cultural diversity comes a rich culinary landscape. It's able to please various palates. Each neighborhood in San Francisco offers different flavors. You’ll find the city’s strong Latino roots around the Mission District. Most restaurants here boast authentic family recipes. Delights range from Argentinean empanadas to... Read more

    Where to shop & what to buy in San Francisco

    Shopping in San Francisco is a diverse and vibrant mix of experiences. The city is home to among the swankiest and most upmarket designer stores. Even so, you'll find quirky boutiques and offbeat specialty shops as well. First, head to the Embarcadero District, formerly known as the Barbary Coast. This area is home to the huge Embarcadero Center commercial complex. Over a hundred stores dot this shopping center.  South-west... Read more

    Where to go & what to do at night in San Francisco

    Nightlife in San Francisco comes as a varied mix. Indeed, each of the city’s neighborhoods has a unique character. There's a variety of ways to enjoy its cool offerings, well after the sun goes down over the Golden Gate. For one, Union Square is among your best bets for an evening with fun and drinks. Bars around the plaza serve creative cocktails crafted by skilled mixologists. Eventually, you’ll discover a... Read more

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    This San Francisco information page contains all the essentials to help you prepare for your trip to the Golden City. We’ve compiled basic travel info, such as weather, seasons, phone numbers, airport information, and ways to reach your hotel. Getting around San Francisco can be a little confusing at first, due to its complex cross-grid system and lack of left-turn lanes on the key city streets. Once you... Read more

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