Food and dining in New York consist of some of the world’s best restaurants, simple food stands, and hole-in-wall eateries. You can find fast food and coffee chains all over New York, especially in touristy areas like Times Square. However, the city's many neighborhoods boast eclectic dining outlets you won’t find elsewhere. 

For instance, Sunset Park is a South Brooklyn community with a high concentration of Asian (east side) and Latin American (west side) restaurants. Manhattan’s Chinatown is the place to be for affordable eats. There are hundreds of restaurants serving dishes from Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and mainland China. Also in Manhattan, Koreatown has no-frills 24-hour spots serving classic dishes like bibimbap (mixed rice), gimbap (seaweed rice rolls), and kimchi stew. 

New Yorkers take brunch very seriously, especially those living in the Upper East Side. You can spot the city’s elites enjoying Instagrammable dishes and drinks at stylish sidewalk cafés. Queens's diverse dining scene covers Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Lastly, Astoria is a leafy community with family-run trattorias and tavernas. At sundown, local pubs and beer joints draw in those looking to enjoy a pint. From classic American fare in laidback settings to lavish course dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants, there’s always something in the Big Apple's dining scene that appeals to everyone. No matter which one you prefer, it's compulsory to grab a New York slice from an old-school pizzeria.

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