The Irish Channel is a neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana, that's home to exciting festivals and cultural events. Located within the Central City / Garden District Area, the neighborhood is less than 20 minutes from the historic French Quarter.

This area was originally settled by a majority of immigrants from Ireland in the early 19th-century, leading to its namesake. Today the Irish Channel is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood representing many different cultures and ethnicities. The area is known for lively celebrations, festivals, and parades around St. Patrick’s Day, which are enjoyed by residents and visitors of all ancestries.

Irish Channel - one of the highlights of 10 Most Popular Neighbourhoods in New Orleans (Read all about New Orleans here)

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Highlights of the Irish Channel

Built on the old city’s high ground, the Irish Channel escaped the flooding in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, leading to a boom in development in the following years. The neighborhood still has many historic locations, including local watering holes like Pete’s Out in the Cold and Parasol’s Bar, and the old jail and courthouse at 2219 Rousseau St.

Local eats in the Irish Channel include Molly’s Rise and Shine, Levee Baking Co, Turkey and the Wolf, and Atchafalaya. You’ll also find small breweries like NOLA Brewery & Taproom and Miel Brewery & Taproom, along with a slew of Irish pub choices.

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Good to know when visiting the Irish Channel

Many local restaurants, bars, and pubs offer outdoor seating in the Irish Channel, making it a popular neighborhood for nightlife. Check out places like the Tchoup Yard, The Bulldog, and The Vintage for nightlife hotspots. During the day, you can visit these cafes and restaurants to dine and take in the views of the city.

Nearby you’ll find a public park and green spaces in Clay Square that offer playgrounds, sports facilities, and family-friendly facilities. Public transportation in and around the Irish Channel includes New Orleans bus routes and streetcar lines, and the neighborhood is also very walkable.

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Irish Channel