Highland Park is a historic Los Angeles neighborhood known for its diverse culture, arts scene, and wide range of attractions from nightlife to museums, parkland, and more. It was originally an artsy, bohemian community in the early 20th century. It became run-down in the late 20th century, but it was revitalized and today is once again a cultural gem of northeast Los Angeles.

Here you can find a bouncing nightlife, great restaurants, trendy gastropubs, independent art galleries, old-school taquerias, and chic bistros. You can go shopping or bowling, or visit museums that tell the story of the neighborhood, all on the same street.

Highland Park in Los Angeles - one of the highlights of 10 Most Popular Neighbourhoods in Los Angeles (Read all about Los Angeles here)

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Highlights of Highland Park

One of the most popular venues in Highland Park is Highland Park Bowl, a former music venue that today offers 10-pin lanes with a steampunk vibe. You can also hit places like Amsterdam Modern for vintage furniture from a range of eras or an old-school record store at Gimme Gimme Records. 

For nightlife, head for places like the minimalist, brick-walled ETA bar, the classic cocktail lounge at Good Housekeeping, or the classic dive bar of Johnny's Bar. The neighborhood is a foodie's dream as well, with the California-Mediterranean cuisine at Café Birdie or the Asian fusion Mason's Dumpling Shop.

Good to know about Highland Park

Not long ago, Highland Park was a high crime area enmeshed in urban decay, but it has since been revitalized from top to bottom and now is a safe and quirky, somewhat bohemian neighborhood. If you have a dog with you, most of the streets are pet-friendly as long as you keep it on a leash, but most of the businesses are not, except for service animals. 

The neighborhood is very walkable, with double main drags on York Boulevard and Figueroa Street. The streets are lined with trendy businesses, galleries, and classic Craftsman-style homes. It's a center of arts and culture for the region.

Highland Park in Los Angeles