Downtown Los Angeles offers a range of attractions throughout its many districts, from the Theater District to the Jewelry District and even a Toy District that's sure to thrill the kids. The downtown area of one of America's most glamorous cities, this diverse residential area is also a central business and commercial area where you'll be able to shop at big-name department stores, catch a hockey or football game, visit art museums and galleries, walk historic streets, and head for ethnic areas. 

Whether you're a foodie looking for the best in local dining, you want upscale boutique shopping or the perfect gift or souvenir, you want to find handmade toys or high-quality jewelry, or you want to catch a show, you'll find it here. Downtown Los Angeles has a thriving nightlife for adults, a vibrant arts and cultural scene, and plenty of attractions for the entire family to enjoy.

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Highlights of downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles's various districts are certainly a highlight and offer so much fun and entertainment for any age that you can do a whole vacation without ever leaving downtown. In the arts district, you can visit galleries and museums like The Broad, which offers over 2,000 pieces of modern art. In Little Tokyo, you can visit one of only 3 official Japantowns in the entire country, which is also a National Historic Landmark. 

At El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, you can see the oldest standing structure in LA and visit a Mexican Marketplace that has run since the '30s and today offers an entire street of vendors, food stalls, and arts and crafts from local artisans. At the U.S. Bank Tower, you can catch a stunning view of the downtown Los Angeles skyline and ride a glass slide that descends a full story.

History of downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles was founded in the late 18th century, and the city's population exploded by the late Victorian era from about 11,000 people to almost 100,000. By the Prohibition Era and through the Roaring '20s, the city boomed and experienced a golden age that boosted business and commercial districts and saw the rise of Hollywood and the Silver Screen. Unfortunately, after World War II, downtown Los Angeles experienced a decline that lasted several decades. 

By the 1950s, efforts to revitalize the downtown neighborhood began, and by the 2010s, it had bounced back in a big way. Today, it's viewed as one of the hippest and classiest destinations in the city. Its rich cultural heritage and diverse districts offer a wide range of attractions, from upscale dining and boutique shopping to sporting events, festivals, arts, and culture.

What to know about downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a massive sprawl, so while individual districts may be walkable, you'll need transportation to get between areas, even in downtown. While car rentals are possible, it's likely better to catch a cab or ride-share or even learn to use the LA Metro Rail, which provides access to many areas in the city. That said, DTLA is one of the most walkable places in the sprawl, so be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes as you explore the various districts. 

Downtown Los Angeles is an ultramodern city with all the conveniences one would expect. Almost every business and area in the region is accessible to those with mobility issues, and most businesses are friendly to people with disabilities. If you require any accommodations, reach out to the business you'll be visiting for help. It's a very bustling area, however, so be prepared for crowds.

Downtown Los Angeles