The Delta Flight Museum is an aviation museum where you can see the history of aviation and the people who make it happen at Delta. The museum itself is set up within 2 aircraft hangars with exhibits inside each as well as in the outside area.

Everyone interested in flying or the engineering prowess behind aviation will find fun at this museum. Not only will you get to see historic planes up close, but you can often venture inside and discover how they work. Most people spend about an hour or 2 here exploring everything the museum has to offer.

Delta Flight Museum - one of the highlights of 10 Best Museums in Atlanta (Read all about Atlanta here)

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Delta Flight Museum highlights

Forty different airplanes can be found at this museum, but there are a few that tend to stand out. One of the most popular exhibitions at the Delta Flight Museum is the Spirit of the Delta, which is the first Boeing 767-200. The rear segment of it has been converted into an exhibition space, but the cockpit and first-class sections are preserved.

You may also want to check out the Ship 41 exhibit. This plane is a Douglas DC-3 and the first of its kind to carry Delta passengers. Additionally, it was the first aircraft ever to receive an award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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Good to know when visiting the Delta Flight Museum

Before you visit the Delta Flight Museum, there are a few things to keep in mind. The museum is located within Delta's general offices, so security is pretty tight. You'll need to have a photo ID to present, and any bags you have may be subject to inspection.

The general rules of the museum are fairly standard. You're free to take pictures of whatever you like as long as you aren't planning on selling them or using them for any business ventures. However, they tend to be a bit strict on attire, so don't wear anything too inappropriate for a workplace office.

photo by Matt Kieffer (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified

Delta Flight Museum

Location: 1220 Woolman Pl, Hapeville, GA 30354, USA

Open: Thursday–Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm (closed Monday–Wednesday)

Phone: +1 404-715-7886