The Brooklyn Bridge Park sits on 85-acres of land, where visitors come to relax and engage in fun activities, such as roller-skating, picnics, biking, and more. It’s a sensational place to visit; the park has numerous amenities, such as sports fields, boat launches, basketball courts, and open fields. It’s also famous for its eco-friendly environment and the wealth of trees scattered in the park.  It offers visitors a fantastic view of Lower Manhattan and New York Harbor.

There’s a range of activities available and places for everyone in the park. People tend to spend more than 3 hours enjoying the expansive piers and sweeping vistas. This waterfront landscape is suitable for all audiences. Both adults and children frequent the park all year round to enjoy the outdoor opportunity it has to offer.

Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York - one of the highlights of 10 Best Parks in New York (Read all about New York here)

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Brooklyn Bridge Park highlights

Bridge Park offers many fun activities that visitors can spend the better part of 3 hours doing. It’s a beautiful waterfront park where you can catch breathtaking views of parts of the city skyline and iconic landmarks. You can do a host of recreational activities in the park, such as soccer, biking,  running, volleyball, roller skating, handball, ping pong, basketball, and bouldering.

You can also organize picnics in the park, thanks to its relaxed drinking and eating rules. Kayaking is also available on the water to cool off in the summer sun. Millions of people visit the iconic park yearly. You’ll also enjoy the famous Jane’s Carousel, a historic 1922 carousel with wooden horses, and group-centered events like movie screenings and open-air concerts. Fishing and bird watching are available. The park’s beautiful lawns and gardens give it an eco-friendly look to relax in nature. 

History of the Brooklyn Bridge Park

The 85-acre park is a new construction compared to other exciting landmarks in New York. The park was once a flourishing center for trade, but developments, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, cut out the area’s attractiveness and viability. It was called Fulton Ferry Landing. By 1983, cargo ship operation ended at the landing.

Immediately there was a rivalry about what was to happen to the area. The Port Authority wanted to sell the land, but some concerned individuals, who built an NGO  called Friends of Fulton Ferry Landing, wanted it to serve as a park. In 2000, they got their wish when the Port Authority agreed to develop the area into a park. Development started in 2006 and in 2010 it was opened to the public. 

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Good to know when visiting the Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Brooklyn Bridge Park opens daily between the hours of 6 am to 1 am. The park is entirely free to enter, however, if you plan to engage in biking, ice skating, and kayaking, you have to pay for rentals and the rides. The park is usually crowded during the holiday seasons, which coincidentally is the best time to visit. During festive seasons, there are lots of decorations, events, and activities for everyone.

Parking spaces are limited at the park; it’s better to use public transportation to visit. While at the park, you may also want to see other attractions such as the Empire Fulton Ferry State Park and The River Cafe restaurant.If you want more adventure, you can take your kayak to the East River to kayak beneath the bridges and see the iconic landmarks from the water, such as the Statue of Liberty.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York

Location: 334 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Open: Daily from 6 am to 1 am

Phone: +1 718-222-9939