Nightlife in Phi Phi is compact, entertaining, young, and vibrant. The island's many pubs and bars are centrally located and easy to find. The music stops at around 2am, but bars generally stay open for as long as customers are around.

A distinctive feature of Phi Phi's nightlife is the many displays of 'buckets' lined up for sale. They contain ice, Red Bull (or some other brand of energy beverages), mixer, straws and a half-bottle of spirits. Simply add everything together, dig in your straws, and the rest adds up to your fun Phi Phi nightlife experience.

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  • 14 Best Bars in Phi Phi Island

    The best bars in Phi Phi Island are spread equally over Koh Phi Phi Don's 3 main neighborhoods: Tonsai Village (the main urban center), Tonsai East, and Loh Dalum Bay. Most bars go for 1 of 2 contrasting approaches – a laidback vibe or a pumping party atmosphere. However, some bars, as you'll see below, succeed in wrapping both ambiences...

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