This guide to great restaurants in Koh Chang will have you sampling some of the best food on the island. Many of these venues are around Klong Prao Beach and Kai Bae. However, if you find yourself exploring further, you’ll find more secluded and romantic places, including restaurants overlooking the island’s southern coast.

    As one of the largest islands in the Gulf of Thailand, it’s a popular place to visit for snorkeling, diving and exploring the dense jungle and stunning beaches. However, you’ll also find plenty of great restaurants to enjoy while you’re there. Besides local cuisine, you can enjoy authentic Italian, Mexican and western dishes at these well-loved eateries.


    Kati Culinary

    An upmarket Thai restaurant near Klong Prao Beach

    Kati Culinary is a highly regarded Thai restaurant in Koh Chang. You can find it on the island’s busy main street, near Klong Prao Beach. The restaurant is known for its homemade and authentic Thai dishes, particularly massaman curry, fried chicken with lemongrass, and panang (red Thai) curry. All of their curry pastes are made in-house, so you’ll be able to enjoy the authentic and traditional flavors of Thailand.

    You should leave room for dessert, as Kati Culinary makes its own ice cream. If you’re keen to learn how to make authentic Thai dishes, the restaurant offers cooking classes at reasonable rates.

    Location: 48/7 M.4 Klong Prao Ko Chang, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170, Thailand

    Open: Wednesday–Monday from 11 am to 10 pm (closed on Tuesdays)

    Phone: +66 (0)39 557 252


    Jae Eaw Seafood

    One of Koh Chang’s longstanding seafood restaurants

    Jae Eaw Seafood is one of the oldest seafood restaurants in Koh Chang. Located on the river estuary in the middle of Klong Prao Beach, it’s considered a must-visit for any seafood lover. Some of its most popular dishes include glass noodles with shrimp, squid pad cha (sizzling stir-fry), tom yum goong, and oyster omelet.

    Jae Eaw Seafood is often crowded with locals and visitors alike during lunch and dinner. However, it has a large airy dining area with plenty of space for big tables. It’s known as a reasonably priced restaurant with generous servings, so make sure to visit with a huge appetite.

    Location: 4 22/10 Ko Chang, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 11 am to 10 pm

    Phone: +66 (0)81 982 3954


    Le JaoJom Café Bistro and Bar

    Upmarket restaurant with sea views

    Le JaoJom Café Bistro and Bar is a sophisticated restaurant serving high-quality international cuisine in Koh Chang. As it sits on the coast just south of White Sand Beach, you can enjoy gorgeous sea views from both indoor and outdoor dining sections. It's beautifully decorated with a black-and-gold interior and a lush bamboo garden.

    Le JaoJom Café Bistro and Bar is particularly well known for offering an elaborate beverages menu, from fruit smoothies to various types of coffee and tea. If you’re visiting for a sunset drink, there’s a long list of signature cocktails to explore.

    Location: Rural Rd, Ko Chang, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 10 am to 6 pm

    Phone: +66 (0)61 624 7932


    El Barrio

    A popular restaurant in the Kai Bae area

    El Barrio is an incredible Mexican restaurant on the main road in the Kai Bae area of Koh Chang. It serves arguably the most authentic Mexican dishes on the island, with outstanding reviews from locals and travelers alike. The brightly lit dining section has a laidback atmosphere, along with plenty of outdoor seating on its patio.

    Some of the most popular dishes to order at El Barrio include fish tacos, beef burritos, nachos, and ceviche. It wouldn’t be a Mexican restaurant without tequila, but you’ll also find the bar serving up a range of creative cocktails and beverages until late.

    Location: 98/14, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 12.30 pm to 10 pm

    Phone: +66 (0)80 092 8208


    Salak Phet Seafood and Resort

    Large terrace restaurant on the south coast of the island

    Salak Phet Seafood and Resort is a large terrace restaurant in Salakphet. It overlooks the sea out toward Phrao Nai Island on the south coast of Koh Chang. Its huge wooden terrace dining area is a breezy place to sit back and enjoy a casual lunch with beautiful views.

    The restaurant is known for its fresh seafood, with popular dishes including glass noodles with steamed crab, stir-fried scallops, and fried fish with dipping sauce. Salak Phet Seafood and Resort also offers kayak rental services for a low price to customers who want to explore out on the water before or after their meal.

    Location: 43 DPT. Alley, Koh Chang Tai, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170, Thailand

    Open: Monday–Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm, Friday–Sunday from 8 am to 7.30 pm


    Mordi E Fuggi Restaurant

    One of the best Italian restaurants on Koh Chang

    Mordi E Fuggi Restaurant is a popular Italian restaurant on the west coast of Koh Chang. Located on the main road in Kai Bae, this small but inviting place serves up some of the best Italian meals on the island.

    It’s particularly known for serving homemade wood-fired pizzas and pasta dishes, including lasagna and ravioli. You’ll also find classic Italian desserts on the menu, including tiramisu and gelato. The restaurant has limited seating, so you might want to arrive early to ensure you get a table.

    Location: DPT., Ko Chang, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 9 am to 10 pm

    Phone: +66 (0)89 478 0233


    Oasis Koh Chang

    A romantic jungle-inspired restaurant near Lonely Beach

    Oasis Koh Chang is a beautiful resort and restaurant near Lonely Beach. Surrounded by a tropical jungle and with dimly lit tables on the terrace, it boasts a great setting for a romantic meal on Koh Chang. The menu features a balance of both Western and Thai dishes, so you’ll very likely find something to suit your taste.

    Some of the popular choices include tom yum soup, panang (red Thai) curry, and chicken burger with fries. If you're after a filling start to the day, Oasis Koh Chang also serves cooked breakfasts from 8 am onwards. It's a much more secluded spot than most places on the island, attracting couples and diners looking for a private dining experience.

    Location: 4/28 Moo 1 Lonely Beach, Koh Chang South, Trat 23170, Thailand, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 8 am to 6 pm


    Blue Lagoon Restaurant

    Upmarket restaurant with private terraces over the water

    Blue Lagoon Restaurant is on a river estuary toward the south of Klong Prao Beach. The beautiful restaurant has a unique experience, with private dining terraces suspended above the water. It specializes in fusion dishes, expertly blending Thai ingredients with international flavors. 

    Some of Blue Lagoon Restaurant’s most popular dishes include vegetable and cashew stir-fry, a range of Thai curries, and tom yum soup. It also offers plenty of vegan options. If you really enjoy the food, you can join a cooking class with its longstanding chef.

    Location: 30/5 M.4 Klong Prao Ko Chang District, Trat 23170, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 8 am to 10 pm

    Phone: +66 (0)89 515 4617


    Phu-Talay Restaurant

    A stunning riverside setting for delicious Thai food

    Phu-Talay Restaurant sits just minutes from Klong Prao Beach, right along a river estuary. The blue-and-white eatery has a large dining space, with outdoor seating overlooking the river. It’s an especially great dinner spot, where you can enjoy delicious food and gorgeous sunset views.

    The restaurant is highly regarded for its Thai classics, all at reasonable prices. You'll find that seafood is a standout option on the menu. Some of its must-try dishes include stir-fried scallops, fried fish and prawns with traditional nam chim (dipping sauce), and crab meat curry.

    Location: Soi Vor Van, Trat 23170, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 10 am to 10 pm

    Phone: +66 (0)39 551 300


    Cliff Cottage Restaurant and Sunset Bar

    A romantic restaurant on Bang Bao Cliff

    Cliff Cottage Restaurant and Sunset Bar is a hidden gem on the southern part of Koh Chang. You can find it sitting on the Bang Bao Cliff Viewpoint, not far from Bang Bao Pier. It’s a beautiful spot for a meal, with uninterrupted sea views from the covered deck area.

    The restaurant offers every meal of the day, from cooked breakfasts to classic Thai stir-fries and curries. The bar's nightly happy hour lasts from 4 pm to 6 pm, offering cold beers and popular cocktail mixes. It's also a popular snorkeling location, so you can easily enjoy a swim before or after your meal.

    Location: Unnamed Road, Koh Chang Tai, Ko Chang District, Trat, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 8 am to 9 pm

    Phone: +66 (0)80 823 5495

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