Phuket's dining scene is a colorful one and if you love food, you’ll certainly love this island. The variety of cuisine and dining experiences is one of the major attractions of the island. There are restaurants to suit every taste, serving a huge selection of western and Asian food. You can eat breakfast at your hotel, have lunch at a local noodle stall, and enjoy dinner with fine wines in a sophisticated air-conditioned restaurant.

    While Thai food is world-renowned for its wonderful flavors and fresh ingredients, Phuket is especially famous for its seafood. Best of all, you don't have to empty your bank account to enjoy the most sumptuous of dishes. Check out these great restaurants around Phuket for an exciting culinary adventure.

    Mom Tri's Kitchen Royale at Villa Royale in Kata Noi Beach offers a great location and setup, together with first-class food. It has terracotta floor tiling and offers breathtaking views out over Kata Noi and the Andaman Sea. Walk down into dining section where there are eclectic alcoves, antiques and beautiful artwork.

    Popular picks from the menu include slow-cooked veal cheek in a red wine sauce with porcini mushrooms and roast vegetables in a heavy dish made lighter by the excellent French rosé. Villa Royale straddles the headland separating Kata Yai and Kata Noi beaches on Phuket's west coast.

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    Location: Mom Tri's Villa Royale, 12 Kata Noi Road, Kata Noi, Muang, Phuket 83100, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 6.30am to 11pm

    Phone: +66 (0)76 333 568


    Black Ginger

    Black Ginger Phuket at The Slate Resort is set on an island in the middle of a lagoon. Access to this restaurant is by boat only and will take you across the flame-lit waters to the main venue, where you can enjoy modern twists on traditional Thai dishes.

    When it comes to Thai plates, you can order specialties such as som tam (green papaya salad), tom yam, or southern-style yellow fish curry. One unique point about this restaurant is that they also serve traditional Thai delicacies not often found in fine dining establishments, such as cha-plu leaves in batter with chilli sauce, as well as crab and pork spring rolls which you roll yourself right at the table.

    Location: The Slate Resort, 116 Moo 1, Sakhu, Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 6.30pm to 11pm

    Phone: +66 (0)76 327 006


    La Gritta is located in the compound of Amari Phuket, at the southern end of Patong Bay. This fine-dining venue has a superb contemporary design throughout its 2 distinct areas – the restaurant offers indoor (air-conditioned) and outdoor dining areas, while La Gritta Terrace is a partially open-air and modern lounge on the second floor.

    Both areas have stunning views over Patong Bay, offering a unique place for a gourmet dinner under the stars, only ‘perturbed’ by the relaxing sound of waves against the shore.

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    Location: Amari Phuket Resort, 2 Muen-Ngern Road, Kathu Beach, Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 10am to midnight

    Phone: +66 (0)76 340 112


    Bampot Kitchen & Bar

    Bampot Kitchen & Bar is a modern restaurant that takes inspiration from the culinary scene across Europe to create unique dishes. Its menu could grace an haute cuisine restaurant, but the restaurant does away with any stuffiness or pretence, offering a casual, fun and friendly environment instead. Bampot Kitchen & Bar lies at the entrance to the Laguna resort area of Bangtao Beach.

    Location: 19/1 Moo 1, Lagoon Road, Thalang, Cherngtalay, Phuket 83110, Thailand

    Open: Tuesday–Sunday from 5pm to midnight (closed on Mondays)

    Phone: +66 (0)93 586 9828


    DeDos Restaurant


    DeDos Restaurant offers one of the best dining experiences in Phuket. This rather small venue is located at Tinlay Place, near the entrance of Laguna Phuket Resort Complex in Bangtao. This gastronomic restaurant serves dishes that blend French cooking techniques with Mediterranean and Asian – mostly Japanese and Thai – influences. It's an excellent place to sample fine dining ‘à la Française’, but with an Asian twist.

    Location: Bandon-Cherngtalay Road, Thalang, Cherngtalay, Phuket 83110, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 11.30am to 10.30pm

    Phone: +66 (0)76 325 182



    Acqua is a modern Italian restaurant that lies roughly a kilometer north of Patong on the Beach Road. With clean lines, futuristic design and views out over the Andaman, it's one of the most aesthetically-pleasing restaurants in Phuket.

    For appetizers, try their yellowfin tuna and swordfish carpaccio with Pantelleria capers, cherry tomatoes, and dried tuna musciame in lemon and matured extra-virgin olive oil. For mains, grilled tuna fillet on eggplants and zucchini, fresh cherry tomatoes, capers and oregano sauce is a must-try. Most of the restaurant's staff have previously worked together at a 5-star resort for years – expect quality service throughout the evening.

    Location: 324/15 Prabaramee Road, Kalim Beach, Patong, Phuket 83100, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 5pm to 11pm

    Phone: +66 (0)76 618 127


    Blue Elephant, an established restaurant brand, has branches in 12 different countries around the world. The group specializes in Royal Thai cuisine – a rich and exotic combination of flavors once reserved only for the Royal Palace that has recently grown popular because of the global spread of Thai cooking.

    Blue Elephant's Phuket branch occupies a splendid Chinese-colonial mansion that's set in sprawling grounds, near the old quarter of Phuket Town.

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    Location: 96 Krabi Road, Talat Nuea, Muang, Phuket 83000, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 9am to 10.30pm

    Phone: +66 (0)76 354 355


    Kan Eang@Pier is a long-established restaurant specializing in seafood and local delicacies. Located on the shore of Chalong Bay, right next to the jetty, it has indoor and outdoor dining areas with views of the marina. For a large restaurant dealing with so many people every day, the atmosphere stays somewhat laidback and relaxed.

    You can enjoy the sea breeze and unbeatable view while sitting under huge tamarind trees. If you prefer dining indoors, there are 3 tastefully decorated air-conditioned pavilions, as well as 2 open-sided ones – each with a thatched roof.

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    Location: 44/1 Viset Road, Rawai, Muang, Phuket 83130, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 10.30am to 11pm

    Phone: +66 (0)7 638 1212


    Wok Pagoda Kitchen

    Wok Pagoda Kitchen offers fusion dishes with sweeping views of Rawai, all at reasonable prices. The restaurant also presents a great wine list. The sister establishment of Mom Tri’s Kitchen, the globally renowned chef works with fresh ingredients to create traditional Thai fare and Western favorites, with added twists from other parts of Asia.

    Dishes can be shared between groups in a traditional Thai-style of dining. Wok Pagoda Kitchen is around 10 minutes from Kata Noi Beach. Call the restaurant in advance to arrange for a free transfer from the Kata/Karon area.

    Location: 32/78 Moo 4, Rawai, Phuket 83130, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 11am to 11pm

    Phone: +66 (0)76 608 899


    Joe’s Downstairs is one of Phuket’s most prominent restaurants. Enjoying a nice location on the granite cape that separates Patong from Kalim beach, it overlooks the Andaman Sea and offers a splendid sundowner spot.

    People of all ages frequent Joe’s but it does have a markedly youthful feel to it. It's a great feeling to be sitting on the deck, sipping on a cocktail, and watching the fabulous sunset. By mid-evening, the restaurant vibe is dominant but then the cool sounds and relaxed yet chic bar vibe takes over.

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    Location: 223/3 Phrabarami Rd, Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

    Open: Daily from midday to 11pm

    Phone: +66 (0)63 078 5887


    La Gaetana

    La Gaetana enjoys a formidable reputation in Phuket as a small, family-run Italian restaurant with an eye for details. The main dining area of this 80-year-old building sports a red floor, dark wooden ceiling and bright mustard walls with nuances of lime green. There's an antique cupboard storing wine glasses next to its onsite bar, with plenty of tasteful trinkets and oddities throughout the area. The secret to dining at this fine Italian dining spot is to take your time and let the dishes complement and fill out the evening.

    Location: 352 Phuket Rd, Talat Yai, Muang, Phuket 83000, Thailand

    Open: Monday–Tuesday and Friday from midday to 2pm and from 6pm and 10pm, Thursday and Saturday–Sunday from 6pm to 10pm (closed on Wednesdays)

    Phone: +66 (0)76 250 523


    Home Kitchen, Bar & Bed

    Home Kitchen, Bar & Bed at the northern part of Patong Bay features an arty design. It occupies a 2-storey building, with the second floor shaped like an upside-down boat’s hull. The venue is highly original and fashionable with an atmosphere that's in line with its unique décor – classy yet laidback, stylish yet relaxed at the same time. A DJ standing in a booth set near the entrance distils in-vogue soft beats on most nights.

    Location: 314 Phrabaramee Road, Kalim Beach, Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 5pm to 11pm

    Phone: +66 (0)95 721 9563


    Suay Restaurant

    Suay is among the list of quality places to eat in downtown Phuket. The restaurant keeps things uncomplicated and cheap, but that doesn’t mean it’s not without a lot of allure and appeal. Portions are relatively small at Suay – sharing Thai-style dishes is the logical way to go about dining here.

    Location: 50/2 Takuapa Rd, Talat Nuea, Muang, Phuket 83000, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 5pm to 11pm

    Phone: +66 (0)87 888 6990


    Kata Rocks Clubhouse

    Kata Rocks Clubhouse is located within a short walk of both Kata Noi and Kata Yai beaches. The restaurant is perched on a craggy headland, providing sweeping views of the ocean. They serve Mediterranean fare and Thai favorites with Spanish twists. Its Spanish chef prepares a wide range of world delicacies in the kitchen, while cuts of Australian steak are available from the grill.

    Location: 186/22, Kok Tanode Road, Kata Beach, Muang, Phuket 83100, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 11am to 10pm

    Phone: +66 (0)7 637 0777


    Ka Jok See Restaurant

    Ka Jok See is one of the most successful restaurants on the island. Without any advertizing at all, the restaurant has been featured in countless top magazines and newspapers around the globe. The food is served Thai-style, meaning that it's meant for everyone to share. Come past 9pm to enjoy a camp cabaret at the restaurant. The mood often escalates with shirts thrown off and absolute party mayhem ensues.

    Location: 26 Takuapa Rd, Talat Yai, Muang, Phuket 83000, Thailand

    Open: Tuesday–Saturday from 6.30pm until late (closed on Sundays)

    Phone: +66 (0)7 621 7903


    Raya Restaurant in Phuket Town occupies a renovated Sino-Thai mansion dating back to the 20th century. This venue literally takes its patrons back to the past, serving genuine local cuisine at reasonable prices. Many movie stars, prime ministers, and royalty frequent Raya Restaurant when they are in Phuket.

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    Location: 48/1 Dibuk Rd, Talat Yai, Muang, Phuket 83000, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 10am to 10pm

    Phone: +66 (0)76 218 155


    EAT Bar and Grill

    EAT Bar and Grill Phuket is a great option for enjoying some Western-style grill dining. You’ll find a varied menu of meaty favorites and an expansive selection of drinks at reasonable prices.

    The kitchen combines high-quality imported cuts with fresh local ingredients, putting as much effort into the presentation as the taste. The professional team members are well versed about the various imported meats and can provide quality recommendations. You’ll find EAT Bar and Grill on Thanon Patak, just a short walk from Karon Beach.

    Location: 250 1 Patak Rd, Karon, Muang, Phuket 83100, Thailand

    Open: Monday–Saturday from 11am to 10.30pm (closed on Sundays)

    Phone: +66 (0)85 292 5652


    Sam's Steaks & Grill

    Sam's Steaks & Grill is an excellent steakhouse in Patong’s Vacation Inn. It also delivers classy decor, refined ambience, delicious cuisine and impeccable service.

    The restaurant is divided into an open-air dining area and an intimate lounge, separated by a glass-walled wine cellar. It can only accommodate 50 diners, so it never becomes frenetic.

    Location: 52 Thawewong Rd, Pa Tong, Amphoe Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 6pm to 11pm

    Phone: +66 (0)76 370 200


    Siam Supper Club

    Siam Supper Club is a well-known place to socialize, network and, of course, enjoy some first-class food in Cherngtalay. Located in Tinlay Place at the entrance of Laguna Phuket Complex, this restaurant is ranked highly one of the most recommended venues for fine-dining in Phuket.

    Location: 36-40 Lagoon Rd, Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand

    Open: Daily from 6pm to 1am

    Phone: +66 (0)76 270 936

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