Bangkok enjoys a tropical monsoon climate, meaning that it has 3 main seasons: hot season from March to June, rainy season from July to October, and cool season between November and February. In one of the hottest cities in the world, expect daytime temperatures to be over 30°C for most of the year. An exception to this fact is when you visit in late December and early January.

    The 2 periods – April to May and September to October – are when Bangkok is at its most humid. The southwestern monsoons arrive between May and October, bringing unsettled, cloudy skies. For many people, this is a welcome respite, though flash floods often occur in the outskirts and low areas of the city.


    Best time to go to Bangkok: December to February!

    Bangkok enjoys the best weather conditions from December to February. You'll enjoy blue skies almost every day, along with cool temperatures averaging at 24°C. You can explore the city on foot without resulting in sweat-soaked clothes. In the evenings, temperatures can even drop to below 20°C.


    Hottest time in Bangkok

    The hottest time in Bangkok lasts between March and May. Daytime temperatures can soar as high as 40°C. Thailand's New Year, Songkran, takes place at this time of the year – the country celebrates this annual event with a 3-day-long water fight. Bouts of rain offer relief from the sweltering heat. Boat cruises, shopping malls, and rooftop bars are some of your best options to escape the intense Bangkok summer.


    Low season in Bangkok

    Bangkok's low season is usually between May and October when the monsoon period often detracts some travelers from visiting the city. To attract budget-conscious travelers, many hotels and tours often offer attractive discounts during this period.

    The city is prone to rainy days, but you can find plenty of indoor activities to keep you occupied throughout your vacation. Typical characteristics of low season in Bangkok include light rain, torrential downpours, as well as a mix of clear skies and overcast days.

    Willy Thuan | Compulsive Traveler

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