Yilan is a destination of many facets; a true mix of the medieval and the modern. The county on the north-eastern coast of Taiwan has harbors and bays that are great for surfers, as well as hiking trails, waterfalls, mountain peaks, untouched expanses of land, and amazing islands.

    If the great outdoors doesn’t do it for you, there’s some really good food to feast upon and the countryside is littered with vineyards. Yilan is also known for its numerous art galleries, museums and cultural centres. The local people are warm and open to visitors, making the whole experience a memorable one for visitors.

    What to see & do in Yilan

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    The Yilan area of Taiwan has a wide range of great things to do and see. It’s always been known for great cuisine, adventure spots and a range of biologically diverse habitats. All this makes this region one of the most interesting ones in all of Asia. From beautiful rafting destinations, great trekking regions and hot springs, to vineyards and roadside cafés – Yilan offers plenty of choice. Yilan is also... Read more

    Where & what to eat in Yilan

    Dining in Yilan reflects the nature of the area, being mostly either seafood or vegetarian offerings. Around the Pacific Ocean ports, you’ll find the fruits of the sea available in abundance, prepared in the unique local style. Further inland, it’s the fruits of the earth which play the starring role on the menus. In between, night markets offer a good mix of everything that makes the cuisine of Yilan County... Read more

    Where to shop & what to buy in Yilan

    Shopping in Yilan is very limited, but it’s enough to cover your essential purchases and provide a bit of retail therapy. Despite being a quiet, rural destination and much better known for its beautiful scenery than its cosmopolitan atmosphere, it does have a good shopping mall or 2 and some interesting boutiques to look around. As with most destinations in Taiwan, the stars of the Yilan shopping scene are the... Read more

    Where to go & what to do at night in Yilan

    • 3 Best Nightlife in Yilan

      Nightlife in Yilan is a very subdued affair, with only a handful of bars around the city center. The entire county has a countryside vibe and the people here prefer to go to sleep early in the evening and rise early the next morning. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing do to once the sun goes down. Taiwan is...

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    • Yilan Information

      Yilan is located on the east coast of Taiwan and is famous for its annual summer Children's Folklore Festival and its amazing scenic beauty. On paper, Yilan is a single city, but in reality it coexists with Luodong – the major center for business in Yilan Province. There’s also a number of smaller districts within Yilan that have a charm of...

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