Liseberg is located in the heart of Gothenburg and has been a beloved destination for Swedes and international visitors alike ever since its inauguration at the Gothenburg Tercentennial Jubilee Exposition 1923. This beloved fairground boasts exciting attractions and is open all summer long from April each year. Among the highlights are classic favorites such as the spinning teacups and more modern, nerve-wracking rides such as the frightful drop tower. Liseberg also hosts winter and autumn events such as a spooky Halloween experience and a twinkling Christmas market. What's more, the park offers heaps of additional entertainment for both kids and adults in the form of performances and shows. Not to mention opportunities to unleash your competitive spirit around some traditional boardgames and arcade classics.

    If you've traveled from far away just to visit the park, you'll be glad to hear that there's practically no need to ever leave it. Besides a wide range of food options and entertainment, Liseberg also offers accommodations. Choose from a youth hostel, a B&B, a cabin or a hotel room all closely adjacent to the park itself.

    Liseberg in Gothenburg - one of the highlights of 10 Things to Do Outdoors in Gothenburg and 10 Things to Do in Gothenburg with Kids (Read all about Gothenburg here)

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    What are the highlights of Liseberg?

    Above all else, it's the pulse-raising and breathtaking rides and attractions which draw crowds to Liseberg. One of the most popular is the Lisebergbanan which was the largest and longest roller coaster in Europe when it first opened back in 1987. With a maximum speed of 49 mph, the 0.8 mile roller coaster takes around just 3 minutes to complete. Just as popular and exciting, even if somewhat slower, is the Kållerado rapids ride. Shoot the rapids in a rubber boat right in the heart of Gothenburg, and be prepared to get a little wet! The same goes for the park's enduringly popular FlumeRide, which is a log ride that'll take you along at speeds of up to 37 mph and down a whopping 14-metre drop.

    If the very thought of all that is starting to make your stomach feel queasy, never fear. The park also boasts a wide range of less nerve-wrecking attractions for all ages, such as its classic carousel and its charming antique automobiles which take you round on a track.

    Nightlife at Liseberg

    Evenings at Liseberg offer an array of colorful events to suit all tastes. The Stora Scenen stage has been graced by many world-famous artists over the years such as Tom Jones, Snoop Dogg and Sting, while Lilla Scenen hosts regular dance band nights. Liseberg Theater is housed in a dome-shaped building which was once used as a planetarium and worth checking out for the sheer beauty of its architecture alone. Inside, the stage mostly plays host to Swedish stand-up comedians, but keep your eyes peeled for musical performances and acts in English that'll have you in hysterics. If none of that sounds like you're thing, then the Rondo show venue is sure to deliver the goods with everything from lively ABBA covers to glamorous drag nights.

    But Rondo's not the only place for a drink and a coffee or a warming glass of mulled wine at Liseberg. Frothy beers await at Austrian beer house and restaurant Tyrolen, where you'll also find live music, yodelling and sing-a-longs as well as a lively beer garden in the summers.

    Good to know about Liseberg

    Save time and money by purchasing your entrance ticket and your ride passes in advance. The Lilla Åkpasset is a pass for children under 3 ft 7 and gives access to all the rides that the holder is tall enough to go on. The Stora Åkpasset, on the other hand, is for taller kids and gives access to all of the rides in the park.

    If you're short on time or simply detest standing in line, then you can buy the Stora Åkpasset or the All-in-One pass, which both cover entry and rides, and then add an Express Pass on top. That will let you skip the queues and go straight to the express entrance on up to four rides, once per attraction. Early birds may also be interested in Liseberg Prio which will give you access to the rides a whole hour before the park opens to the general public.

    Liseberg in Gothenburg

    Location: Örgrytevägen 5, 402 22 Gothenburg, Sweden

    Phone: +46 31 400100

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