5 Best Things to Eat in Madrid

Foods in Madrid You Must Try

Madrid, as every cosmopolitan city in the world, offers its visitors a large variety of good restaurants where they can enjoy a great meal. Eating tapas is the most commonly known practice in Madrid but if you are looking for a traditional Spanish meal there are numerous dishes you must try.


Cocido madrileño

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite, the cocido madrileño. This famous beef-and-vegetable stew consists of three courses and it’s usually served at restaurants on Tuesdays, especially in winter season. Each course is called “vuelco” and the first one consists on the broth with a small amount of rice; the second one its chickpeas and vegetables and the third one is the meat.

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photo by Javier Lastras (CC BY 2.0) cropped, calibrated, blurred


Callos a la madrileña

Also try callos a la madrileña, a stew made of a mixture of beef tripe, snout and hoof, chorizo, black pudding, tomatoes, hot pepper, onion and garlic. Like most dishes in Spain it is usually accompanied by fresh bread to spread its delicious sauce. It is also most commonly eaten in wintertime.

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photo by Javier Lastras (CC BY 2.0) cropped, calibrated, blurred


Tortilla de patatas

If we are talking about traditional dishes in Madrid, tortilla de patata is a name that you are going to come around for sure. This potato omelet is the simplest most delicious dish ever. You can have it plain (just potatos and eggs) or add onions, pepper, and even tuna. Yummy!!

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Garlic soup

Garlic soup is another great thing you have to try while visiting the city. It initially came from Castilla y Leon but nowadays is considered as one more of the city’s traditional dishes. It became famous when famous writer Alejandro Dumas praised about its great taste.

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Traditional dessert

It’s now time to try something for the sweet lovers. If what you are looking for is a traditional dessert, don’t leave without trying the world famous nougat candy. They used to be only available in Christmas time but now you can find them and all its different varieties all year round.

You can try some tapas like patatas bravas, potatos with spicy sauce, and huevos rotos, fried eggs with French fries too. These are usually served as appetizers when having a beer at any local bar.

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