The Museo del Romanticismo is an art museum that displays some of the most legendary works from the romantic movement from artists like Goya, Leonardo Alenza and Federico de Madrazo. In addition to the paintings and other artwork, you'll also find a variety of items designed to showcase what middle-class life was like for locals in Madrid during the 19th century. The museum also features a garden that offers more natural splendor among its vibrant greenery.

Don't hesitate to bring the whole family to the stunning Museo del Romanticismo. There's nothing inappropriate for children, so everyone can take in the stunning art and get a glimpse into what life was like in Madrid 2 centuries ago. Most people spend about 2 or 3 hours at this museum, but you may find yourself staying even longer if you want to take in everything the museum has to offer, including the garden and the cafe.

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What are the highlights of Museo del Romanticismo in Spain?

While there's much to see at the Museo del Romanticismo, a few features tend to stand out. The most obvious is the collection of paintings that includes Francisco de Goya's 'San Gregorio Magno' and Leonardo Alenza's 'Satira del suicidio romantico'. Quite a few of these paintings are quite large as well, so their imposing presence displayed on the walls can have an impact on its own.

Aside from the paintings, Museo del Romanticismo has several other iconic displays. You'll find ebonite jewelry from the era along with an entire collection of porcelain dolls, 15 pianos and imperial furniture. One of the more macabre items on display is the pistol that writer Mariano Jose da Larra used in his suicide. Other strange and unsettling items on display include lava and human hair.

A brief history of the Museo del Romanticismo in Madrid

The Museo del Romanticismo opened in 1924 and was dedicated to showcasing art from the romanticism movement. Just 3 years after the museum opened, the Spanish State bought the building and eventually gotten ownership of the collection itself in 1942. Originally, the collection was owned by the Marquis of Vega-Inclan, but that ownership transferred to the state upon the Marquis' death.

After the government seized control of the Museo del Romanticismo, it continued normal operations. In an effort to provide greater protection to the museum, it was designated as a Spanish Property of Cultural Interest in 1962. The last big change was the name, which was updated in 2009 by the Council of Ministers. When the museum originally opened, it was known as Museo Romantico.

photo by manuel m. v. (CC BY 2.0) modified

What else is good to know about the Museo del Romanticismo in Madrid?

Before you head to the Museo del Romanticismo, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Accessibility is a major feature here, and there's a special entrance for any visitors of reduced mobility. You can even ride a lift to bypass any stairs, and the exhibition route of the museum can be followed entirely. There are 4 wheelchairs at the museum that visitors can reserve for use.

By visiting the Museo del Romanticismo, you'll find yourself close to several other attractions in the area. You can learn all about the local area just a few steps west in the Museo de Historia de Madrid. If you head east instead, you can walk to the Museo de Cera and the Monumento a Cristóbal Colón. This is also where the Casino Gran Madrid Colón can be found.

Museo del Romanticismo in Madrid

Location: C. de San Mateo, 13, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Open: Tuesday–Saturday from 9.30 am to 8.30 pm, Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm (closed on Mondays)

Phone: +34 914 48 10 45