Ibiza is one of the most romantic destinations in all of Spain, offering natural splendor and a thrilling nightlife you and your partner can enjoy. The dazzling beaches and waters here showcase some of the best of the Mediterranean as a whole, while the thriving nightlife gives you plenty to enjoy long after sunset.

    When you visit this Spanish island, the hardest part of your vacation will be deciding what to do first. Whether it's relaxing, partying, shopping or just about anything else you can imagine, you won't have to look far to find fun. Check out the best things to do for couples in Ibiza.


    Ibiza beaches

    Find fun in the sun

    Ibiza beaches are among the best in the Mediterranean with soft sands, inviting clear waters and an atmosphere that caters to fun with warm sunshine. You'll find a variety of beaches across the island whether you're staying in a more populated area or head to the isolated outskirts.

    All sorts of activities are available at local beaches. You can relax with a drink at a beach club or go for a swim in the shallow waters. Given the clarity of the water, snorkeling is also quite popular. The central beach is on the southern shore, but you'll find beaches on all sides of the island.


    Dalt Vila

    Visit the old town

    Dalt Vila is the fortified old town area of Ibiza where you'll find a rich history as well as discoveries that can take you back thousands of years. The old town area of Ibiza Town is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you can be sure its offerings are protected.

    Inside the old town area, you'll find narrow lanes and squares as well as surrounding walls that used to be the exterior of the settlement in ages past. The walls are relatively recent, however, when you consider that the town itself was founded by the Phoenicians. You'll find it near the shore in central Ibiza Town.

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    Explore Formentera by bicycle

    Ride south of the island

    Explore Formentera by bicycle to enjoy a tranquil experience off the mainland where you can take in sandy shores and sparkling waters on a green track. The track is especially useful for those who want a relaxing ride, as it's not only eco-friendly, but it also doesn't have lumps and bumps like asphalt does.

    Plenty of bike hires are available on the island, so all you have to do is get here. Fortunately, you'll find plenty of ferries that will take you to this island off the southern coast of Ibiza. They tend to depart from Ibiza Town's main port.


    Bar hopping on Cala Jondal

    Check out a beach known for its nightlife

    Bar hopping on Cala Jondal is one of the most popular activities for couples thanks to the variety of bars available on this beachfront away from central Ibiza Town. The white pebbly beach hosts a variety of high-end bars and restaurants along with more relaxed chiringuitos.

    When you visit this beach, you'll find plenty of boats in the water offshore, as it's one of the most popular and stylish ways to arrive. Of course, you can drive as well. You'll find this beach a few miles to the west of Ibiza Town.


    Horseback riding

    Ride through the countryside

    Horseback riding is one of the best ways to explore the island's natural wonders whether you're experienced or a first-time rider. Local horse riding services have everything you need for a romantic ride with easy and quick training and well-behaved horses.

    You can explore quite a few different sides of Ibiza on horseback including the beach and the inland countryside. Just make sure you book your experience well in advance if you plan on visiting during the high season. You'll find horseback riding services mainly in Ibiza Town, San Antonio and the eastern countryside.


    Shopping at Ibiza markets

    Go shopping

    Shopping at Ibiza markets can get you access to unforgettable items from legendary hippie markets with authentic offerings like food, crafts, apparel and more. Hippie street markets are part of the soul of Ibiza, with a trip to the island being incomplete without a visit to one, but that's just the beginning of what you'll find.

    Street markets are common in virtually every town on the island and offer handicrafts, artisanal goods, organic food and antiques. Live music is frequently played at the local markets as well. You'll find them all over the island, with Ibiza Town having the most in close proximity.


    Take a day trip to Formentera

    Relax off the coast

    Take a day trip to Formentera to enjoy a quieter version of Ibiza off the southern coast where you'll find white sandy beaches, several relaxed bars and historic sites. The beaches are particularly inviting here with warm sands and clear turquoise waters good for bathing and relaxing.

    Don't forget to check out the local nightlife on this island with quite a few bars set up right along the beach. Additionally, this island is home to 4 Martello towers, which are historic fortifications. You'll find the island a few miles off the southern shore accessible by ferries from Ibiza Town.


    Hiking in Santa Agnès

    Hike the coastline

    Hiking in Santa Agnès takes you near an incredible coastline where you and your partner will be on towering cliffs overlooking the vast Mediterranean. The town of Santa Agnès doesn't get much traffic from travelers, but with an elevation of over 200 meters, it's the perfect starting point for a scenic hike.

    When you embark on your hike, you can enjoy the perspective from sheer cliffs that don't involve you having to climb first. The hike takes about 90 minutes, but there are a few opportunities to cut it short if you like. You'll find it on the northwest side of the island.


    San Antonio’s Sunset Strip

    Immerse yourself in the local nightlife

    San Antonio’s Sunset Strip is a hub of nightlife with an array of bars and nightclubs to visit all bathed in a color palette of violet, pink and red. The long promenade here has several bars to choose from along with nightclubs often visited by live musicians performing EDM tracks.

    The atmosphere on the strip is notably energetic with bright warm lights all over. Many of the attractions here are open late, so you and your partner can find fun well into the early morning hours if you like. It's located in San Antonio on the north side of the island.


    Witness the sunrise at Sa Talaia

    Reach the mountain peak

    Witness the sunrise at Sa Talaia to take in unrivaled beauty from the highest peak on the island surrounded by vibrant, breathtaking natural features. Translated from Catalan to 'watchtower', this mountain reaches an impressive elevation of 475 meters at its highest point.

    While you can visit this mountain whenever you like, it's particularly romantic to head here just before the sun goes down and face west. The burst of colors from the sun setting behind the horizon is a wondrous sight to behold. You'll find the mountain on the west side of the island north of Es Cubells.


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