Barcelona is packed full of things to see and do, but the local markets are among the most impressive attractions that everyone can enjoy. You'll find shops all over town, and the markets here are where you'll want to go if you're interested in shopping like a local.

    You'll find a wide variety of shopping experiences available in town, so you'll be able to get something memorable no matter what your interests are. Take a look at the 10 best markets in Barcelona, and discover which ones you want to add to your itinerary.


    Mercat de la Boqueria

    Visit a charming fruit and vegetable market

    • Shoppers
    • Food

    Mercat de la Boqueria is a popular market in Ciutat Vella where you'll find a variety of fruits and vegetables on offer sourced from local growers and suppliers. More than 300 stalls can be found here offering ingredients and cooked meals showcasing delicious Barcelona cuisine.

    While local favorites are the most common items here, you'll find enough diversity around to enjoy virtually anything you can imagine. Whether you're looking for fruits and vegetables, juices, candies or cold cuts, you'll have no problem finding a vendor here.

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    Location: La Rambla, 91, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

    Open: Monday–Saturday from 8 am to 8.30 pm (closed on Sundays)

    Phone: +34 934 13 23 03


    photo by Marco Verch (CC BY 2.0) modified


    Mercat De Sant Antoni

    Explore a variety of stalls

    • Shoppers

    Mercat De Sant Antoni is home to a wide array of goods to explore among friendly and inviting stalls offering just about anything you can imagine. You'll find plenty of fruit and veg, of course, but that's just the beginning. These stalls in northeastern Sant Antoni also feature clothes, shoes and various homewares.

    This market dates back to 1882, and its welcoming architecture and ambience still provide the same appeal as they did back then. Additionally, you should note that Sundays are focused on books, stamps, comics and magazines rather than the typical offerings.

    Location: Carrer del Comte d'Urgell, 1, 08011 Barcelona, Spain

    Open: Daily from 8 am to 8.30 pm

    Phone: +34 934 26 35 21


    Mercat de Santa Caterina

    Visit a market near the Barcelona Cathedral

    • Shoppers

    Mercat de Santa Caterina is a lovely market under a brightly colored roof near the iconic Barcelona Cathedral that offers delicious local produce. All the items throughout the stalls are locally sourced, so you know you're getting quality no matter what you're interested in.

    One of the most impressive aspects of this market is the architecture. Renovated relatively recently in 2005, this market offers an impressive array of mosaic ceramic pieces and is unafraid to divert from traditional market decorations while still maintaining the expected market charm.

    Location: Av. de Francesc Cambó, 16, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

    Open: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm, Tuesday and Thursday–Friday from 7.30 am to 8.30 pm (closed on Sundays)

    Phone: +34 933 19 57 40


    Mercat del Ninot

    Shop near Catalonia Square

    • Shoppers

    Mercat del Ninot is a fun market near Catalonia Square that's close enough for a simple walk yet is hidden enough for it to be off most travelers' trails. Most of the visitors here are native Catalans, so it's one of the best places to find authentic items for the true Barcelona experience.

    Among its various stalls, you'll find plenty of fresh fruit and veg along with meat and pork butcheries. The latter are particularly adept with Jabugo ham. Additionally, you'll find some tapas bars in and around the market.

    Location: Carrer de Mallorca, 133, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

    Open: Monday–Saturday from 8 am to 9 pm (closed on Sundays)

    Phone: +34 934 13 23 22


    photo by Jordiferrer (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified


    Mercat dels Encants

    Explore one of Barcelona's largest flea markets

    • Shoppers

    Mercat dels Encants is a massive flea market with a huge assortment of items on offer including obscure goods you won't find anywhere else. While most markets in town have just about everything you would imagine a market to have, this market has some items you might not expect to find at a typical market.

    Among the offerings here you'll find old bikes, cosmetics, movies, clothes, books, furniture and so much more. Keep in mind that if you're looking for the best deals, it's best to arrive early. You'll find it right next to Jardins del Bosquet dels Encants.

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    Location: Carrer de los Castillejos, 158, 08013 Barcelona, Spain

    Open: Monday, Wednesday and Friday–Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm (closed on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays)

    Phone: +34 932 45 22 99


    Mercat de la Concepció

    Stop at the local flower market

    • Shoppers

    Mercat de la Concepció functions as a flower market where you'll find a wide variety of plants on offer along with several other items. In addition to the flowers, you'll also find food available here including vegetables, meat and fish.

    Because the plants are the star of the show here, it should be no surprise that there's a huge array of species available for purchase. You can even buy the seeds if you're more interested in growing them yourself. You'll find it all less than a mile east of Casa Milà.

    Location: C/ d'Aragó, 313, 317, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

    Open: Monday from 8 am to 2 pm, Tuesday–Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm (closed on Sundays)

    Phone: +34 936 81 50 20


    photo by Gerhidt (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified


    Fira de Santa Llúcia

    Explore the local Christmas market

    Fira de Santa Llúcia is a historic and popular Christmas market held in front of the cathedral during the vacation season. For the most part, this market offers holiday-related items like trees, wreaths and mistletoe.

    When you visit this market, you'll also find an impressive nativity scene with complex and detailed decor, but that's not all. This market is also home to a fair with numerous activities to enjoy along with dances and musical performances that the whole family can enjoy.

    Location: Plaça Nova, 40, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


    Mercat de Sarrià

    Visit a historic food market

    • Shoppers

    Mercat de Sarrià traces its origins back more than a century, and its original intent of offering delicious food is still being met today. This food market may be old, but it had a complete retrofit in 2007, so you can enjoy modern conveniences among the old original structure.

    Among the numerous stalls here you'll find impressive decorative elements including massive windows that allow for plenty of natural light. Additionally, the market is quite spacious, even with all the people and stalls. You'll find it a short walk southeast of Parc de Joan Reventós.

    Location: Passeig de la Reina Elisenda de Montcada, 8, 08034 Barcelona, Spain

    Open: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 7.30 am to 3 pm, Tuesday and Thursday–Friday from 7.30 am to 8 pm (closed on Sundays)

    Phone: +34 934 13 23 26


    photo by Jordiferrer (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Mercat Gòtic

    Check out a secondhand trade market

    • Shoppers

    Mercat Gòtic is a weekly market that facilitates the sale of antiques and other secondhand objects that let you enjoy their splendor and history in equal measure. You'll find it set up around the square of the cathedral, so it's easy to find.

    Within the market itself, you'll find a variety of items on offer including dolls, ceramics and rare objects you won't find anywhere else. Keep in mind that it's closed in August but is open the rest of the year. It's located just southeast of Plaça de Catalunya.

    Location: Av. de la Catedral, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

    Open: Thursday from 9 am to 8 pm (closed Friday–Wednesday)


    Mercat de la Barceloneta

    See a market among impressive architecture

    • Shoppers

    Mercat de la Barceloneta offers a unique experience, as this market not only offers plenty of impressive goods, but it's housed within an intricately designed building. You'll notice the unique design as you approach with curved metal rooftop pieces and large glass windows.

    Inside the market, you'll find an important piece of the local neighbourhood of the same name with locals offering items that the whole family can enjoy. Despite the newer add-ons, you can still feel the charm of the traditional market here.

    Location: Pl. del Poeta Boscà, 1, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

    Open: Monday–Saturday from 7.30 am to 2 pm (closed on Sundays)

    Phone: +34 934 13 23 04


    photo by 準建築人手札網站 Forgemind ArchiMedia (CC BY 2.0) modified

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